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Were you the one in Seattle, fairly early in the lineup that Wil nerdsqeed all over? He got you to turn around so he could see all your shirt... I only ask because I think I saw angel wings on the back.
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Wil, Don't know why you chose the "w00tstock" name exactly, as in if you thought it might be a Woodstockish cornerstone event in geek/nerd history, or what, but I think it's coming together more like a Lilith Fair or Ozzfest - an annual celebration of the world the acts represent. I can see already a legacy aspect to this. This is something I'd like to take my son and daughter to some day. I think you've rolled a nat20 in this regard. I can also see this bigger and more geekattuned, that is, having the event more connected with technology, e.g., a simulcast pod/vidcast, an interviewer to tweet interviews backstage pre and post act, lots of ways to buy the merchandise during the show wherever/however you're watching it. It is, indeed, as awesome as you think it is - probably moreso.
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This is soooo going to rock! First time seeing any of these wonderous geeks in person (not to mention Mr. w00t Mr. Stock... because I didn't just mention them, I swear). Canadian Geeksquee: Squee, eh! /drinks beer that has at least 5% alcohol content
Toggle Commented May 6, 2010 on w00tstock 2.x is this weekend at WWdN: In Exile
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May 6, 2010