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As a Revs fan, I'd rather see us look at Kelyn Rowe if Vancouver passes on him. I'm not convinced we have answers up top, but a creative midfielder might help gel the mids and forwards a bit more.
I would love to see us take a look at John Hackworth. I'm not saying he's my choice, but I definitely don't want this to be between two tiers: Those that worked for the Revs, and Journeymen head coaches.
No love for him, but it's gotta be Rosales.
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Whoops, I suppose Kanu is a perfectly logical choice as well. I'll eat my foot* if it's someone bigger than Niang or Kanu. *Not a problem because it won't be anyone bigger than them.
Only reasonable name I've come across is Niang of Fenerbahce. He was supposedly out last month, but he's been real good for them. Who knows!
Benjani is back with Rovers as of two weeks ago.
Who would you put in instead of Bornstein? Spector? MAYBE a better choice but just as slow.
What would a new coach do for this team? Is the argument that BB isn't motivating enough? Is he lacking the technical abilities as a coach? If that's the case, who does possess these skills? We can't fault him for squad selection (with the possible exception of Bedoya in the Gold Cup)line up choices, or lacking of finishing, can we? If anything, when we needed something happen (a fact which BB CLEARLY understood) he put in Freddy Adu. While we all scoffed at this move, Adu sparked this team into action and put in probably the performance of his life. That wasn't luck, that was a coach making a quality coaching decision despite us "armchair coaches." The run hasn't been great recently, but I can't see another coach doing much better. I trust BB.
If the player doesn't sign with the league, the team who drafted him retains their rights for the calendar year. In 2012, they lose their rights to the player.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on SBI 2011 Full MLS Mock Draft at Soccer By Ives
I gotta disagree with your assessment of Anibaba. As a Revs fan, if we were going to go in the CB direction, I'd MUCH rather have AJ Soares. For me, he is hands down the best CB in the draft.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on SBI 2011 Full MLS Mock Draft at Soccer By Ives
Do it to it.
Howard plays at a damn fine club right now and Donovan will be back after the WC. COYB.
Seeing Gooch go the full 90 is somewhere near Sarah Palin as president on my list of things I'm hoping for. However, I would like him to see go 45 - 60. I think we'll need Goodson's legs (as opposed to Gooch's skill and leadership) if we have a lead to hold in the 2nd half.
Leading up to the WC, you gotta take who's hot, regardless of the league they play in. If you're filling this roll, you're most likely only going to see time if something tragic happens, so the confidence needs to be there to make something happen on the biggest stage in the world. For me, it's only between Gomez and Buddle, as of right this very moment.
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