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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks for your comment, Jeff. I sense a the beginnings of a realisation within business that change is afoot, but it's ironic that while it is largely responsible for the technology that has brought this change about, business rather than consumers is the party stuggling to adapt. I enjoyed your blog and will link to it on our site. Good luck with the book - I look forward to reading it.
I run an agency and take on one or two interns each year, but find them surprisingly difficult to find. I remember my enthusiasm for finding an internship when I was an undergraduate, but either jobs are too easy to come by these days or today's PR students are getting lazy, becuase the response rate to my ads for an intern (at Westminster University) could be counted on Homer Simpson's left hand. I'll certainly be adding my next vacancy to your Wiki, though London may be a bit too far from Leeds.
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