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I have not commented for quite a while, but am still a faithful reader. This post is a perfect example of why I keep recommending your blog to others. I tell them "You won't be sorry - he is brilliant. But even better, he's real, and in the moment. He creates an atmosphere that helps you be more aware of the gifts in life, and you learn to appreciate simple pleasures." That is exactly what I say about your writing, and they believe me. You continue to prove me right. Heartbreakingly beautiful post.
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Dude... I can tell by that picture that you used to be cool.....
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Wonderful writing, Wil. As others have stated, this post is an excellent example of why I love everything you write. I was right there, next to you, in the car, as you described the areas, the memories, the frustration of traffic and losing yourself in the music. You did see me sitting next to you, didn't you? Because I'm positive I was witnessing everything you did. Great writing, truly. In reading some of your posters' comments, and the slamming of L.A., my first reaction is to defend my home. They just don't get it, or they want to feel superior over the Angelinos, or they just had a bad experience on their visit. (I think ES is from Northern California.... and they definitely have a hard-on about L.A....) Then I have to admit that what they write is true, and from their viewpoints, what they witnessed, is accurate. But I submit that it is all about perspective. Two people can look at the exact same picture and see entirely different things. It's not WHERE you live, but HOW you live. Anyone that is too consumed about location, location, location, is short-changing themselves and missing whatever the present circumstances can offer. I really like your eyes. They see things that are lovely, nostalgic and hopeful. Those are three of my favorite visions.....
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Happy New Year, Wil - to you and your family. I'm so happy that 2009 was fulfilling and encouraging for your career goals. I hope that 2010 is even more successful, in every way. A toast, to your health and happiness, good sir.
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