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Attorneys general are not required to defend unconstitutional laws. Bondi is merely playing to her base. Her arguments are not original, as they have been repeated by every AG who has defended the indefensible. Most recently Kentucky federal Judge Heyburn II wrote, "These arguments are not those of serious people." That pretty much sums it up. Bondi is a hack, and is wasting taxpayer money. This should be offensive to any Florida voter.
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The case published today is Kitchen v. Herbert, from the Tenth Circuit. It is always possible that the 11th Circuit could rule differently but highly unlikely. Bondi's arguments are expressly undercut by this case and a slew of other cases. I personally resent my tax dollars being wasted on this. Moreover, there are recent studies that the majority of Floridians no longer object to same sex marriages.
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What a waste of taxpayer money! Pam Bondi needs to look at the many court rulings of late. Today, the first federal appellate court ruling came out, holding that bans against same sex marriage violate the U.S. Constitution. Every single lower court ruling has been virtually identical. DOMA was struck down. Just how long is Bondi going to waste our taxpayer dollars defending the indefensible? As an attorney, she should well understand that the U.S. Constitution trumps what Florida citizens voted in amending the state constitution. The majority does not rule, when individual constitutional rights are at stake. What a baffoon she is - or a pure politician pandering to a fundamentalist right wing base. EIther way, this is not good lawyering and it is not a smart way to use taxpayer dollars.
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