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In 2003, I was on a flight back from Sydney to LA and in the front of my section was Charlie Duke, Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 16. Now, I'm enough of a space nerd that I recognized him immediately -- even as we were boarding -- and knew that pretty much no one else was likely to recognize him. Yet I spent the first half of the flight figuring out how I might be able to arrange to say hello. It was worse than the junior high dance and Charlie Duke was as inaccessible as Katie Littlehale. Well, when about 7 hours into the flight, I popped out of the lav to find Charlie Duke waiting for it all I could manage to mumble was "General Duke" because, yes, this guy walked on the fucking moon. I'm plenty accomplished in my own field, but this guy -- waiting for the loo -- made my ankles turn to jelly. I couldn't put three intelligent words in a sentence.
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