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I'm an enumerator that lives in an area where up to 80% of our NRFU EQs were 'Vacant, usual home elsewhere." This should be interesting to see how we verify the vacancy status of a housing unit again. I suppose I won't be handed the same areas that I originally worked!
Things have gone relatively smoothly for my area in Census, aside from the changing rules about being able to self-proxy vacant HUs. There are tons of vacation homes and it was a real logjam to find the owners or locate proxies until Memorial Day weekend happened and just about everybody was visiting their Summer homes. I'm in one of the cheapie areas hapily making $11.50/hr and responsible for my work only. CLs get paid only $13.50 and I think the FOS makes either $14.50 or $15.50. Not much and I would NEVER take on such stress for so little money! Sorry to hear about others having difficulties. I wonder what it's like doing Census in rural Alaska?
Some cell phone numbers can be found through public records -- some not. I've done that and it really helped. If you're unsure if the person who is calling is Census, ask them for their Fed ID number, for them to spell their name for you and call up Census and they'll verify. And Census will never ask you for id-theft info such as Social Security #, bank account #s or credit card #s. If anyone tries that and claims they're Census, call the FBI.
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Jun 21, 2010