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I've been meaning to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blogs about True Blood. It's nice to see you blog about good TV for a change. Was I the only one who laughed when they saw Sookie's scrapbook? I guess I enjoyed the realistic feel of it having one page done. This is coming from the girl who has a pile of craft supplies and a empty scrapbook that was supposed to be for my brother's wedding present. That was five years ago. I truly think it is impossible to finish a scrapbook. Of course Sookie wouldn't have time to scrapbook what with the house remodeling and waitressing her schedule is completely packed.... lol I made a funny
Alright putting on my bitch pants because GH has gone too far. TOO FAR! YOU HEAR ME! I don't want to watch a Prison Rape story line. I have no interest in seeing a character I've watched grow up on the show, a character who we've seen, shot in the head, put in a coma for a year, killed his stepmother, and exposed to Sonny's parenting techniques go through another nightmare in the last two years alone (note a year of which he spent in a coma). For god sakes the kid has been through enough. GH doesn't agree with me though. I can live with that. I can accept that. Hell I can even watch that. But at least own up to your own story line. Rape, however overused and generic (I swear I watch the same shower scene a million times because it is in EVERY rape story line), is NORMALLY handled well when it comes to daytime TV. If the victim is a woman. Everyone remember the Jasper Jax fiasco? I didn't think it was possible to handle a rape with more umbrage and complete dickery. Once again, Guza, you have proven yourself to be a rage inducing hack with delusions of adequacy. My first problem with this rape story line is that it is not a rape story line. No one has said the word rape. I understand how disturbing it is a disturbing topic BUT YOU CHOSE TO WRITE THIS STORYLINE SO OWN IT! I understand that Michael is ashamed to say this out loud. Which is understandable. Rape victims normally feel ashamed. This amplified by gender standards of society. GH should be examining these standards and point out that they are unreasonable. They should be examining the connection between masculinity and dominance is outdated and offensive. Just as a man is no more of a man because he rapes, a man is no less of a man because he is raped. And Michael has nothing to be ashamed of.... GH has done nada. So what Guza? It's okay to say Rape when you are talking about women, because women are weak and natural victims. THAT'S JUST AS'DLKFJ AW;ELISFUN[!!!!! RAGE BUILDING! Another thing Michael is this isn't Michael's story. This is Jason's and Franco's story. Of course when I hear about a 18 year old being raped in prison as part of a game between one demented serial killer to another saintly and good serial killer, my first reaction is WTF?!?! Wheres Guza wants me to feel POOR JASON!!! Meanwhile Jason sweeps the rape under the rug, to spare Michael? Good idea Jason! If no one knows about Carter and Franco, that'll undo the rape! And of course you know the sick depraved monster responsible for all of this. The evil scum of the earth that is to blame for Michael's trauma is... Dante?!?!?!?!? You know what I would say that a strategically shaved baboon with a pen could have done a better job with this storyline, but it'd be such a understatement I don't feel like insulting said baboons. If only you felt the same way about your audience! Way to be progressive there GH!
Okay Carly does not a have an irrational hatred for robin. There is a reason behind it. Yes we all know she disliked Robin for being involved with Jason. But there was a reason behind it, and that was Jealousy, which is a valid human emotion. It also led to great soapiness. And as far as I'm concerned it is completely believable to thing Carly would hate Robin forever after Robin told AJ that Michael was his son. Petty and immature she may be sometimes, Carly, not Robin, is Michael's son. Robin violated Carly's wishes when she told AJ the truth. I'm not saying Robin was wrong and Carly was right. I just want to point out there are two sides to that story that explains the contempt between Robin and Carly.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2010 on What I Saw And How I Cried at Serial Drama
You thought agreeing with Nicolas and Jason was bad, how about agreeing with Dr. Lisa Niles! A character whose whole purpose was to bring trouble for Robin and Patrick! Can you stomach that? When Patrick accused Lisa of using her patient's life as a ploy to get in with the chief, my jaw actually dropped! That is so... Just No, alright no! Lisa was way more well tempered than I would have been. Speaking of Steve and Lisa, I think they are cute together. I know she is only using him to make Patrick jealous, (which is working for some unfathomable reason, btw why is it working?) but Steve is awesome! I wished we got to see more of him, And Matt. Where the hell is Matt? More Matt Please! Note to Jason being young and looking weak and vulnerable are never advantages in prison. Jesus I can't believe they are going to do a Prison rape story! I just can't...- No! Did Brook Lynn have that accent last time she was in PC? I don't thinks so. Anyway, It sounds fake and awkward. As for her storyline I hope they don't do a character destroy ploy! She is Ned and Lois' daughter There was absolutely no fall out from the Sonny Kristina scene, in which Lexi Ainswoth rocked there, and Maurice Bernard was well erm... There he was there. Also is anyone else terrified of Lucky and Claire together? I am. After her meltdown psycho freak out in the park, I am terrified of this as a possible pairing. That would just be ugh!
Toggle Commented May 28, 2010 on Why Does This Show Confuse Me So? at Serial Drama
What was with Carly's protect Lulu angle? I thought Carly said she was a "selfish bitch" who was gonna get "what she deserves." Is it too much to hope for a sight of Lois or Ned in the revenge storyline? Probably but I can dream!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2010 on This Show Is So Broken at Serial Drama
Ciny and Rene, Carly may be blaming Dante and Lulu for their part in what happened to Michael but she is also owning her part in it also. She told Dante and Lulu that she wasn't going to let Jason kill Dante. And she stopped Jason from killing Dante. She was honest about that. Did she hide the fact that plans to reap revenge on the two of them... Well yeah, but this is Carly we are talking about. I for one think she's entitled to it. Especially on Lulu. Lulu has had one note to play this entire story, "Whatever Dante says is right." It's really annoying. Lulu always picks her man of the moment over everyone else in her life. Does anyone else remember Lulu rushing to Carly's side a mere hours after Michael was shot to plead Johnny's case and ask her to intervene with Sonny. Or when Lulu said she would rather dismiss Lucky before she ever got rid of Johnny. Dante has owned his mistake, which means he gets my respect but Lulu. Carly has always been there and forgiven Lulu for her MANY trespasses So Carly's half truth about stopping Jason is the same as Lulu's I don't know where Michael is. Carly left out the part where it's because she wants her own revenge. Lulu left out the part where Michael ran away. Can we all acknowledge the fact that Carly is awesome in her asking Jax to adopt Morgan?
Toggle Commented May 15, 2010 on The Blame Game at Serial Drama
Okay, am I the only one who could tell that Carly wasn't seriously blaming Elizabeth. She was being facetious. I will agree on the Carly/Sonny sex though.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on The Blame Game at Serial Drama
Aaron Refvem has been recast as Morgan. Go on and say it. I hate this show!
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on The One With Brand New Information at Serial Drama
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Mar 13, 2010