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Al Lipscomb
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Ah yes, if the government just adds more rules and forces people at gunpoint to follow them then things will be much nicer for everyone. This is kind of the "No child left behind" for the Internet. We all get to move at the speed of the slowest user. Don't consider the cost that will come because if a company wants to carry any data they must carry all data. At some point since there is no profit there will be companies that won't play any longer. Yes companies exist to make a profit. What do people think they are for? But you will notice that there is no individual or charity group building international data links. Forcing everyone to build handicapped access into all new construction and renovations sounds good as well. Until the lifeguard station at Clearwater Beach can't fix their second floor observation room unless they make it wheelchair accessible. Now you would think that someone would give them a pass since only lifeguards are allowed up there but such is not the case. They must make it wheelchair accessible or do without.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2011 on The Importance of Net Neutrality at Coding Horror
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Feb 15, 2011