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I hope you'll report back on this show--I've considered vending there too but can't fit it into the schedule yet! I sometimes vend on Telegraph in Berkeley and I've done lots of shows. My best advice is: Never underestimate the power of the elements. Wear sunscreen, bring a sun hat, get a beach umbrella for your chair or a standing umbrella or some other shade structure if you can anchor it down well. I also always have bungee cords and binder clips in case I need to bungee something down or clip the tablecloth or merchandise to the table so it doesn't blow around. The two biggest hassles of outdoor shows are sun and wind. :)
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Prepping for Treasure Island Flea at The Sew Weekly
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Only when baking since the flour gets EVERYWHERE. Otherwise, when I'm working at home I just wear comfy stuff. I do dream of having fabulous 1950's style cocktail parties though so that I can run around carrying a tray of martinis in a fifties dress with one of those little "hostess" aprons made of cotton organdy. :)
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2011 on Ask: 4/4/2011 at The Sew Weekly
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I LOVE chartreuse and wear it as often as possible. :) I also look really look good in emerald green even though I'm not much of a jewel-tone wearer. Pastels make me look pasty so I try and stay away from beige-y type colors and sage green.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2011 on Ask: 3/14/11 at The Sew Weekly
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That's a tough one! Ummm, both? At this point, I only buy fabric with a specific purpose in mind but sometimes it will take me a while to get to the project. For patterns, I tend to hoard patterns that have different style lines even if I'm not crazy about the overall design. So, if I'm in love with, say, the collar the pattern stays even if I have no idea what I'm going to do with it (right now). :)
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2011 on Ask: 2/7/11 at The Sew Weekly
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Future swaps, yes, but this month is way too nuts.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on A Sew Weekly Gathering/Swap at The Sew Weekly
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I love the dress! And I admire your stick-with-it-ness for getting the whole project done and making it wearable. Sometimes even with a muslin you might get the fit right but still not like the way it looks on you, ask me how I know. ;)
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on The "Not on My Watch" Outfit at The Sew Weekly
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This one is one of my favorites! I love the cheery holidayness of it.
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