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Excellent post, and wanted to also bring up problem with too many chasers out on the road during these events. This is the first time I have heard spotters complain about chasers, and there were repeated complaints from different locations in different states. The complaints were from local trained spotters who could not get to locations they had be directed to in their home area due to either speeding chasers, or large numbers of their vehicles. There were speeds of 70 to 90 mph reported, with chasers in a line, passing citizens. IMHO some are not officially trained spotters, and are not reporting to anyone,they are just trying to get a video to sell for $$ to media outlets. This plays into the media frenzy. Some untrained chasers may be trying to pass fake videos, etc, but they are a concern for local spotter's safety and for the safety of private citizens trying to get to shelters. I am hopeful that the real trained chasers, who are taping and reporting to NWS, etc, will police their own, they need to before their reputations are in question. Non-trained people in any of these roles is a recipe for an accident. Regarding one fake Tornado picture that made the rounds x two storms now, I was able to trace back to a felon who was actually in prison, and was not on the ground taking pictures. His name and the fake picture, appeared on a local TV station in SC. I was able to make a screenshot and traced his twitter account. TV reporters and all who broadcast live need to verify information or trust and know their source of information before putting it out there. Thanks for a great post!
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2012 on A Plea to the National Media at WSFA Weather
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Apr 16, 2012