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Dan Aloni
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Wil, I find it funny that you are thrilled by the technological advancement of Linux and yet you forgot to bring a *digital* camera to the Big Bang Theory set... :)
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Nice idea! Also, I think it can be expanded for geek couples! i.e, instead of Wil->Wil->Wil->Wil->... you can have one person wearing Wil->Anne->Wil->Anne->... and the other Anne->Wil->Ann->Wil->... :)
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Unfortunately there's still no Internet in economy class of some long trans-atlantic flights. What I usually do is bring an image of Wikipedia with me, or use an ebook reader on my phone. I have a noise-canceling ear-phones that cancel most of the noise, but not all. What brand are you using?
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Mar 30, 2010