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This is indeed very sad Let's for a moment zoom out and instead of just looking at how wrong bullying is, let's examine the bullied. Every time a parent tells their child, "Don't fight back; talk it out" they, consequently, are telling their child not to value themselves; the parent is saying, "You are not worth fighting for" and kids DO get that, no matter what age. Being someone who was bullied, I know that talking never fixed the problem but a quick smack at the back of that boys neck (who thought it was funny to call me fat and push me) did. The bullying stopped because that boy knew if he messed with me, he'd have a challenge. I've known many parents who have gone to the school about a bully that was bullying their child and the school did nothing to the bully; however, when the kid being bullied defended him/her self against the bully they were told that was wrong. Why? because unfortunately in this society the good get punished and the bad get told they just need to be understood. What about the kid who's getting pounded (verbally, physically, or both) everyday? Don't they deserve to be understood? Bullying will never go away because there will always, unfortunately, be bad parents who have kids just because they can and not because they want them. What can stop, is kids being devalued because they stood up for themselves and what's right. That's my two cents (or two and a half cents) Mr. Cosby :)
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Mar 31, 2010