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Amanda Richer
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"...he actually looks sort of like Thor, if Thor were a rocker." But Thor IS a rocker! Also a bodybuilder who can blow up a hot water bottle until it pops and bends steel bars onstage. Also: I'd read epic concert/cat/bad math stories any day. Sometimes the most interesting stories are the most mundane, dressed up in clothes made of nice words.
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It must be a lazy-Canadian-cashier thing, I've had that happen several times in the past. And ditto on the sentiment that if you actually stop for the alarm, nobody is going to bother you. What I really came out to say though, is that even though I know your experience here has nothing to do with me personally, I hope you're enjoying your stay in my city; I'm darn proud of it and you just happen to be here at a gorgeous time to visit. If you're interested in a little more Canadiana during downtime, there's one Olympic venue still open: Enjoy your stay!
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Apr 13, 2010