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Amanda Yon
Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta personal injury lawyer
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Just when you thought the 2012 election season couldn't get any stranger, it just did. A lawsuit has just been filed in the U.S. Northern District Court in Atlanta, Georgia by attorney Joseph P. McClelland against Mitt Romney and the Mormon ChurchMitt Romney Sued via This is an awesome... Continue reading
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Jan 2, 2012
via In which county would my divorce attorney file? Depends. In a Georgia divorce, the county in which the Defendant resides is the proper county for your divorce attorney to file for divorce. However, if you are doing an uncontested divorce, then you can agree to either party’s county... Continue reading
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Sad news for Atlanta Braves fans and our beloved Atlanta Braves trainer Jeff Porter. It is being reported that his wife has passed away to due to an auto accident with a police office in Atlanta, Georgia over the New Year's Holiday. In our recent article on damages in Georgia... Continue reading
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Great article on what to do after a bike wreck. Continue reading
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New blog logo by Joseph P. McClelland, LLC You can go to our blog and get the code to add this to your site. legal blog Continue reading
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If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you have come to the right place. Our firm strongly urges you to obtain legal counsel, Joseph P. McClelland, to insure you get the right settlement amount you are entitled to. You may have heard of a personal injury settlement... Continue reading
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Recently we have been out and about answering questions around the web. Some of the m have been fun and others are more difficult. Not all answers are fun to listen to because not all good people get to win. That is the ing about the practice of law. I... Continue reading
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You really need to hire legal advice for a Butts County uncontested divorce. They are easier. They are cheaper, but they still need the help of an experienced attorney. In Jackson, Georgia an uncontedsted divorce is completed by mailing all of the documents to the Butts County Clerk of Superior... Continue reading
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Just finished a lens at squidoo for those who are interested. The topic is uncontested divorces in Georgia. You are going to start being able to read more of my post since I intend to work harder at producing more articles. Here is a copy of the article. You can... Continue reading
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We have another great photo for you about Atlanta law and . This is a photo of the capital building in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The photo was taken just today. I got a new camera a few days ago and wanted to give it a spin. I thin you may... Continue reading
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Here is a new photo that I took. You can find more at Atlanta car accident law firm. This is the first in a series of photos that I will be making available. So, I am a personal injury attorney that loves photography. I will be taking more pics of... Continue reading
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Just updated our legal post about Georgia adoptions in Henry County and Butts County. Adoptions are not always as easy as they seem. For one, a parent of the child or both parents must give up their legal rights to the child. Even though someone may say that they will.... Continue reading
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Debt Limit,14th Amendment & Impeachment As an attorney, I rarely get to talk about politics, but today is different. Way different. So buckle up and get ready to hate me. I can take the heat. I think…(yikes) While you were living your life and doing important things, we have bit... Continue reading
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Here, in Georgia, especially in the suburbs, we have a lot of minivans. I hope they are all safe. I will write more about airbag injuries in later posts, so stay tuned for more. Quick car airbag fact: Airbags became mandatory in automobiles in the 1990′s. I rememeber speaking to... Continue reading
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Read full article at the Atlanta Lawyer's Blog “McIntosh State had $339.9 million in assets and $324.4 million in deposits as of March 31, according to the FDIC. Hamilton State acquired all deposits and the bulk of the failed bank’s assets in a loss share transaction with the FDIC,” according... Continue reading
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Full article can be found at under personal injury claims. Chances are they you will be an accident. Hopefully, it will be just a small wreck without any physical injuries. However, statistically someone you know will be in a car accident or motorcycle accident that will cause physical injuries... Continue reading
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Full article at demand letters. In my demand letters, I start off with a statement of facts. This is generally non-argumentative description of what happened. This information is easily contained in the accident report. It goes over where my client was driving her vehicle, which direction, I might then include... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2011 at Amanda Yon's blog The McClelland Law Firm represents family members and loved ones of persons who were killed in auto accidents in the state of Georgia. We all know that driving can be dangerous, but when someone loses their life in a car accident, it just doesn’t make sense. Regardless of my... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2011 at Amanda Yon's blog
This article on car accidents is originally published at I hope you enjoy reading this. The entire article can be found at http://www.jacksonlaws. 10 Car Accident Articles From The Past 1. Georgia Commissioner Dies In Car Accident This accident article is a current events story. It is a sad... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2011 at Amanda Yon's blog
I always wonder who is reading my posts. Are you a cool person or a total freak? I don't know, and neither do you honestly. New legal articles at so go and check those out. Well, I usually write about car accidents, but today is Monday and I am... Continue reading
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Check out Continue reading
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Being injured in an automobile accident is no laughing matter. Contact an attorney at or call 770-775-0938 to get representation in Atlanta. Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2011 at Amanda Yon's blog