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It isn't like he's in a middle seat by the back lavatory, right? I mean these guys go business class or better, right? I have to fly internationally for work, and I occasionally get bumped up. When you are in the "front of the bus" it isn't really that big of a deal at all...this is an excuse.
"lumbering and sometimes stone-touch shea and altidore" You obviously haven't seen the recent highlight reels of Altidore....
Looking at this line up makes it completely obvious how important Bradley is the USMNT. I'm going to say that he may in fact be the most "important" player of the XI, certainly of the X field players. As special as Donovan and Dempsey are, the lineup can support their absence in ways that it can't without Bradley.
If Tim Howard isn't the most athletic goalkeeper - and perhaps the all around best - I'd like to know who is?????? Dude is sick.....
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Jun 7, 2011