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after watching the defensive clinic from The Heat last night. It is apparent if The Lakers are to compete, that we to get defensively tougher. Mike Brown can make The Lakers Better. However, if The Buss Family does not get a PG and better bench we are going to suffer again next year. we can't win a championship with an aging PG, and unproductive bench.
Kobe's contract is based on his performance on the court, and has very little to do with the respect management has or does not have for him... Kobe is a Captain of the team, and the franchises key player.. to not get Kobe's input on a position as key as coach; has no valid justification. To apply an employee management formula, to the running of a sports franchise is ridiculous. If the Buss Family wants to flaunt its Management powerlessness.. then they should direct their energies, to getting a Point Guard ,and a bench that will allow them to compete in today’s NBA.
The fact that Kobe and Mike Brown have yet to speak, should be cause for concern. IMO this sounds more like The Buss Family trying to send a message to Kobe, and unfortunately it will come back to hurt the Buss family more than Kobe. right from the start Buss has put Mike Brown in a bad position. It is my hope ,that this not a preview of Lakers postseason rebuilding because its starting on the wrong foot.
I am agree. this among a list of stupid moves by Jerry Buss. You don't disrespect your franchise player by hiring a coach without consulting him.
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May 26, 2011