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Perfect American
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jesus, you already had haters. i'm not kidding though, somehow, in the span of three months of sparse posting, you totally got out from under your mom's love-prods, and got your sealegs. i said on tumblr as a joke that this was like finding dr. scholl's first bunion, but there's something satisfying (as far as people like Miss XXX above go) in discovering that you were never phony, and that the only thing even potentially cringe-worthy in your closet may be a pair of played-out lucite marni's from the 07s (you should remember that line). now, remember this review when it comes time for the book deal. both of you. m
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Jan 19, 2010
aww she beat me to it, by only a year though. ya'll's baby blog is adorable...ahem, and i never say words like that.
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Jan 19, 2010