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Strangely the Telegraph hardly commented - except for this 17-photo slideshow showing EDL members giving the two fingers, peeing in bushes, sporting skinheads and the like. A picture says a thousand words, and looks like the right-wing Torygraph is determined to give the wrong one.
Venezuela and Zimbabwe also on the world map of Muslim countries?!
Great news for Rifqa, after many months of waiting. And (although many might disagree), an endorsement of her legal team? Whether or not they've included apostasy, they've delivered the results, with the court dismissing the Barys' lawyers silly motions. Clearly a legal professor like Angela is a force to be reckoned with against your average Jihadi attack-dog lawyer. Bravo Lloyd and Gatterdam! (three months earlier, never thought I'd say this) Just that one question now about the immigration status - Angela Lloyd said after turning 18, Rifqa will not have legal status unless there is reconciliation with the Barys... anyone know more about what that might mean in practice?
"In court, Lloyd confirmed that the girl is an illegal immigrant. "Unlike her parents, if reconciliation fails, at 18 then she is without legal status," Lloyd said." What does this mean? That at 18 Rifqa will be sent back to Sri Lanka??!!
OT - anyone else having a problem with signing into typepad and "The email address you entered can’t be found in the TypePad system."? Altho seems to work here - but not at Jihadwatch.
"Whatever happened to "Rule Brittania, Britania rule the waves, Britons never, never, NEVER will be slaves"?" This has been consigned to the stuffy, reactionary and bigoted "Old Britannia". Now is "Cool Britannia" - a new start for Britain from "Year Zero", where philandering footballers are the new gods, and you can argue all you want about the tactics of the England team, denounce proven "radicals" like Abu Hamza, and even take to the streets to demand Sharia. But say anything in defence of the Old Britannia, or dare to criticise Islamic law or the certified Muslim "moderates" - and you'll be consigning yourself to the "far right" BNP-style fringes of society. With both friendships and career moves likely taking a big hit.
yep - Reader spends way too long on the threads, immediately replying to anyone saying something in favour of Rifqa - to be simply an observer. And - strangely - every part of his/her comments are out to support Rifqa's parents' version of events! Not sure WHO he/she is, or who he works for, but someone with that level of interest is likely either one of the main players, a blogger with a beef against Pamela and Robert, or an unemployed, crisis-hit lawyer taking some extra pay to fight the "Battle of the Dispatch". He wouldn't be the first - a friend of mine once had a job where part of the time he would be posting online - although in the less-controversial field of promoting music for his record label. It DOES happen, and it's proof of how much something posted online can be seen to matter.
The UK police pressing charges for supposedly bashing Islam? well I never... This after prosecuting Nick Griffin and the Christian hotel couple in Liverpool for supposed "hate speech" against Muslims, and the makers of Channel 4's "Undercover Mosque" programme of "taking quotes out of context" ( criminal offence, apparently). All of these charges ended-up being dismissed by the court. If the EDL's is as well, the least they could do is each sue the police as well as prison authorities for anything they can get, preferably the millions of pounds. If the police are to be nothing than a New Labour tool, then they can pay for it.
"Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot" - what's all this about?! And where was it in the pre-election Obamania??
When will we see John Brennan making his Hajj to Mecca?
"It's why I keep saying that the time for talk has long since passed." Amen to that, sir!
"What I don't understand is how anyone can be so blind as to totally disregard the fact that our actions have led to us being so hated around the world." Hey MikeC do you really think Uncle Sam's actions are so bad that the world has no option but to hate it? When compared historically to, say, Soviet Russia, China, Germany under the Nazis and before 1914, or the Muslim world during the days of the Ottoman Empire or earlier? Compared to any of the above, America's actions are childsplay. Or do you think America also has its eyes on invading the UAE, Jordan, Morocco and every other Muslim country it can get its hands on? Because with 10 times more military spending and power than its nearest rival, it COULD go into just about anywhere it wants - and do a lot worse than Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo. As for Muslims hating America - no they don't want to kill every one of you but they want to have power over you and make you "subdued". Have a look around this website, and, to find out why that's the case.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on The Anti-CPAC Conservative at Atlas Shrugs
Those who want to be the big guns for the conservatives will need to please the conservative crowd, but will also need to be on friendly terms with the conservative media - with by far the most-influential conservative media in the US being Fox. So could this year's CPAC be an example of the "Fox Effect" at work - ambitious conservatives looking to win Fox's favours, and sensing its new leanings towards the Religion of Peace?
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on The Anti-CPAC Conservative at Atlas Shrugs
Steve - agreed, we're quite a formidable bunch when we want to be, and we WILL win in the end. But by how much will this situation be allowed to grow by before it is put right? As World War II showed, the right result can be reached a LOT more painfully than it needed to be. And we're making all the same mistakes again.
Spirit - it could just delay the turning-over of the US and other countries to the Jihadis. But by how much? The US has more than its fair share of politically-correct loons (some might say they're some of the most vicious ones around) - and with the Jihadi lobby increasing its strength by the year. Sadly this is seen through the Rifqa Bary affair (I've heard from some who have lived in France that the treatment she got from Ohio state would have never happened there). All while the Jewish community, perhaps the best hope for a fightback, is growing older and older, with fewer kids to fly the flag in the next generation. And remember - Europe was the cradle of Western civilisation, and is still a giant part of it. If it turns into a part of the Ummah, it will be a very big loss indeed. So, this is something that just can't be allowed to happen. And I have a feeling it won't. After all, has history ever been a straight line always heading in one direction?
Yes, Foz do Iguacu, the town visited by none other than Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and (apparently) Osama bin Laden.
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Feb 23, 2010
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Feb 23, 2010
"Charles de Gaulle airport will come to resemble the diminishing number of lifeboats on the Titanic with the white-skinned natives called Pierre, Jacques and Rene desperately scrambling for the jet-engined 'lifeboats' and the chance to start a new life elsewhere, out of reach of the Hezbullies, they hope." But where will this new life be? The Lebanese rape gang infested Australia? The Iran and Hezbollah-supporting South America? Or the Sharia-enabling Obamastan, which more and more looks like it's following in the path of Europe? And what happens if all these places are then also ruled by the Hezbullies? On the other hand if people start a Titanic-style scramble out of Europe, it will only serve to hasten their countries' downfall. And if France, England and Germany suffer such a fate, so will a very large part of Western civilisation. Which why it cannot be allowed to happen.
Chanting about slaughtering and enslaving Jews? Must be terribly oppressed and suffering, those Fakestinians.
Great to finally hear from Rifqa, that she is well and that she found the cards encouraging. Must be very challenging for her, but seems that slowly things are moving forward. I shall be sending another card to her soon.
A couple of years ago I was in a small town in North-East Brazil. In among the crowd celebrating the New Year was someone in a T-shirt with a machine gun, Arabic script, "Lebanon" at the top and "Hezbollah" at the bottom. They're there, deep-down in Catholic territory. And they're spreading.
Welcome to the "cool Britannia" multi-kulti paradise - implemented by force if necessary. How much has changed in 10 years. Almost everyone I've spoken to still there either admits it's a sinking ship, or is planning to follow in my footsteps and "abandon ship". In their place - some of the most vile Islamic fanatics anywhere to be found. Allowed to roam the streets freely by a government which admits it turns a blind eye to Islamic extremism in order not to upset the Muslim community.
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Feb 21, 2010
"The Columbus Police Department is investigating "any criminal wrongdoing with anyone involved in getting her from one location to another," Sgt. Rich Weiner said today." More than 6 months on, and they're still investigating? This must hold the record for the most-complex criminal investigation of someone being taken to a Greyhound bus station.