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This must be on everyone's mind this week. I think the Google+ launch and the posturing following has caused many I know including myself to speak about this.
I love the free PhotoShop app. It suits me fine. I'll have to check out a couple you talk about because I'm all about having fun with photos.
For me, this is the sentence says it all, "Stuff happens. It's how an organization deals with it that makes a difference, especially to the bottom line." That is key. Customers want to be engaged and responded to. Happy customers are your best allies. The companies which get that do well.
A wisewoman once asked me if I knew what assume meant as a young professional and I gave her the definition. She smiled and corrected me, it means making an ass of you and me. As a professional, that has stayed me and I try not to make too many assumptions.
Great post. I thought long and hard before I started my own blog. No regrets. It has allowed me to shared my thoughts that usually either stay in my head or are shared privately. While I have a plan about what I want to talk about it and goal to post every week (after all I am a PR pro & am all about plans), I try to keep it flowing. I embraced the metrics you've mentioned and it does motivate me to keep on sharing.
Andy, Super post on RSS. It really is a very helpful tool and I often wonder why more people and companies do not use it. Cheers!
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Jan 25, 2010