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Amy Blankenship
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I honestly find it hard to reconcile the advice in this blog post with the other advice to avoid premature optimization. Whenever I have made a conscious choice to allow my code to suck in the name of avoiding premature optimization, I have usually regretted it the _very next_ time I touched that code (and often just when I used that code). I nearly always find that code that isn't fully awesome is a time sink that winds up sucking out any time that the so-called premature optimization might have cost. And, honestly, if the code fails because of something you saw coming and failed to prevent, you're every bit as responsible for that problem as for the time you spend initially building the code. I think more developers should be less afraid to make their code fully awesome because of the time involved--primarily because you _do_ learn from the mistakes involved in engaging in this process, and ultimately you _will_ learn how to turn out fully awesome code with little to no time overhead (but huge benefits on the maintenance side). However, this doesn't happen if you huddle in the corner worried about premature optimization. Just sayin'.
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Jun 11, 2012