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I'm not going to buy one, because I have too much stuff sitting around my house as it is, but...that's terribly funny. If you give one to you dog, PLEASE post a video online of the mayhem that might ensue.
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I'm such a dope. I saw the name of the ep and thought it said CRAIG FERGUSON. Bummer for me.
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Mira Bai said, "Having done a little dream work in my time, I would think that you dreamed about Next Generation because you recently were with the cast of Next Generation" I kind of agree with this. It was a classic work related dream. I have them a lot. Not so much stress related but more about boredom I'm experiencing at work. Usually, it means I need more mental stimulation or a new challenge. I know what I've read online about your thoughts of TNG at the time (God only knows if they were true or not), but my guess is you felt like you weren't getting enough out of the Wesley role. The dream reflected that. That being said, make sure you report any Big Bang Theory set dreams. You could possibly turn it into a new episode! :)
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May 7, 2012