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Amy Stong
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We live in the Northeast! Central PA! We blanket an elderly mare who is 33 years old. She generally wears different weight blankets throughout the winter depending on the flucuating temperatures between night and day!Normally blanketing her begins approximately in November! I've been hearing lately that it's going to be a long cold winter in this neck of the woods!
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I enjoy trailriding in a western saddle and bareback riding as much as possible so my horse is more comfortable during the ride! I also enjoy just hacking around in the arena at times when children come to ride!
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Valley Vet Supply is my choice for ordering farm supplies because they have a wide variety of products,very reasonable prices, excellent service and very friendly staff. Love the fact that I can order over the telephone and the supplies arrive right at my doorstep! With the price of fuel these days that is an additional savings on farm supplies and a super time saver as well! I'd rather spend the time at home getting things done on the farm instead of driving around getting the supplies that we need!
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My favorite saddle pad is Professional's Choice because they are durable, comfortable for the horses and very good looking saddle pads. The quality is excellent! Keep up the good work Professional's Choice!
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I look for a fly sheet that has safety features, durable, reasonably priced,fits well and is appealing to my eye!
I would wrap it around a post in the paddock where they all like to hang out!
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It's all about the brand of jeans that gives me the look, comfort and feel of the jeans that I want in a pair of jeans and Wrangler has all of the above! It's a brand that has an excellent reputation in my book! Keep up the good work!
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I compete with my horse Calm at home proving to people that through God anything is possible whether it's as simple as training or any health related issue! We're on the winning team! Thank-you Jesus!
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I compete like a champion at home every time I interact with my horse! His dietary needs, mental needs, physical needs and spiritual needs are important decisions that have to be addressed on a daily basis!
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Sep 21, 2011
My favorite place to wear my Ariat boots are to bed! They are as comfortable as bedroom slippers and tough enough to stand up to the abuse they get from protecting my feet from mucking horse stalls to going to church! Ariat Boots are AWESOME! Ariat Boots are my FAVORITE boots!
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Sep 21, 2011