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It will be better to use renewable gazeous hydrogen in interbal combustion engines where the engine is gasoline or diesel mix with a percentage of hydrogen where it also burn excess pollutants in the fuel mix.
Why not changing your suv for a Toyota yaris or Chevrolet spark and save money and co2 right now, LOL.
Always fake discoveries that we will never see in the future
This is another fraud, begin to remove this ethanol in gas and sell us 100% regular gasoline for an instant 3% boost in efficiency.
Nope, im staying with my car and my motorcycle, both powered by gasoline regular grde and premium. Here it's cold 6 months in a year and i won't get cold waiting at a corner of street for 20 minutes, i won't transport groceries in a bus or metro and i won't stop doing joy rides in my sport touring motorcycles and there is no bus service between Halifax and montreal. This study is useless but i guess that stupid politicians and stat employees pay some peoples to study and writes something with the appearance of logic thinking, lol. i do it for free here everyday and they don't read it, lol. I said many time to equip cars and truck with 2 tank and offer bi-fuelnat gas and gasoline option, do it and we will enjoy less pollution and lower fuel costs.
They should make an article next year to show that they worked in vain, dilapitated tax money for nothing and discovered nothing and use gas to go to work all year long.
Can we make gasoline with empty plastic bottles ? why are they not making gasoline instead of ethylene-glycol , i need badly gasoline and im tired of buying costly polluting gasoline made with petrol refining that is a net co2 emitter in big quantity. «i have to rely on very mafia compagnies that make gasoline like petro-canada, esso, shell, ultramar, petrol goyer, super gaz, harnois, etc. When i go to u.s.a i have to rely to exxon, mobil, citgo, bp, karl marx, al capone, hugo chavez, fidel castro, sheick, etc.
I said numerous time in this website to start using nat gas for trucks and cars, when will they do it for real? im tire of always reading and saying the same thing.
Yeah yeah, we keep hearing regularly about improved batteries but as of today we still have regular commercial batteries that are too costly and not powerful enouph to replace all these polluting ice gasoline diesel cars and trucks and trains and airplanes and ships and big tractors. i live in a clean place where there is Wind and not too much cars and trucks but in other parts of the world the situation is critical like paris France with their diesel fumes or some big cities in china or South california that are over the limits of air polution in smog and particulate and soot and carbon monoxide. Even in South california there is numerous drivers that choose big polluting vehicle like suv or pick up trucks or diesel volkwagen or bmw.
This could be better then my old 4 cylinders car because it integrate regenerative breaking at a fraction then an ice hybrid. Im ectaticly awaiting 2023 to change my current car and i have no clue of what will be available then but for now i will buy a used 2015 mazda 3 skyactiv but i hope there will be better choice. For now i drive my small dodge and i pay 1.43$ a liter for regular gasoline, this is misery, when it gonna end.
It's been a long long time that i say that I WANT to purchase near where i live bio-gasoline made by natural gas. I eager to buy right now at a better price then conventionnal gasoline. We need an improvement versu the 100 years old status-quo of polluting oily petrol where they pollute at the extraction, transport, refining and burning at the car. I always do my part by buying and driving small 4 cylinder cars even in the seventies, now i need something even better then only a small car driven slowly. This can be a long-term improvement, no polluting refining of crude oïl.
Is it good enouph to do hydrogen gas at the point of sale like i say to do since years. Please work hard and do succesful commercial water electrolisis for fuelcell cars and suvs. This is the future and everybody know it, the naysayers in autobloggreen have stocks in the petrol businesses and want to keep their profits.
So, is it better or worst, the article seam confusing. Will we see it on a commercial basis ? It'S been the 300th article about an improved battery but as of yet batteries are underperforming only adopted by a very small percentge of drivers and also they are subsidized to say the least, what would it be without so much goverment money. Please bring hydrogen instead, anyway even with improved batteries we can fit them in hybrid hydrogen cars where the fuelcell is also a range extender. I guess that all these subsidies and battery project and the ignorance of the benefit of hydrogen are because big oïl is giving money on the black markets to everyone that put this money in overseas fiscal paradise, it's impossible without that to see so much petrol high price, limp batteries and no efficient powerful hydrogen gas powering everything. All these studies are related to the black money given by big oïl to scientifics, politicians, journalists, bloggers, car manufacturers executive, wall street dealers, investors, bankers, Greenpeace, military, syndicats, 10% is directly invested in black pr against hydrogen and another percentage is invested toward battery just to satisfy the public opinion because they know that it won't replace petrol never.
Sure it look efficient but they would be better with a SMALLER car like a wolk polo. These politicians want luxury paid by taxation, please ask that the public service and military use smaller vehicles.
They would be better to do electrolisis of water with the windmills and store hydrogen. i think that it cost less than batteries and the hydrogen can serve for mobile transport in hydrogen fuelcell cars and trucks. Usually my blog name is gor but i am not on my computer and i forgot my password so i used my Google name.
This seam costly and inneficient but at 40$ a gallon then maybe for the army it make sense but not on an ordinary car like mine, anyway i don't have air conditionning, power Windows, power roof, heated seats, fog lights, cruise control, stability control, big subwoofers, alarm system, automatic doorlocks. Im relying on the basics and the only troubles i ever got was 2 time the break pads, 2 time the front braking disk, one brake calipers and 2 Wheel nuts and one engine sensor.
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Jun 6, 2014