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I just wanted to comment on how much I really appreciate that you not only espouse the philosophy of giving fans those 30 seconds or so of attention, but you genuinely follow through... even at the end of 4.5 hours of w00tstock, and a seemingly endless line of autograph seekers... even after the adrenaline wave has crested and it is well past time to go back to the hotel. It is amazing how generous you are with your time and attention and anyone who would criticize you for not giving more than you already do clearly has no comprehension of how above-and-beyond you already go for your fans. It is unfortunate that those dolts were able to shake you the way they did - but always know that the people who really care are paying attention and get it. You're a great guy, Wil. Thank you for all that you do and your openness to share with us.
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Challenge... accepted...!
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Jul 19, 2011