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This! The only person who still tries to create while exhausted is Uwe Boll, and look at how that turned out.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2010 on on a long run at WWdN: In Exile
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I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the podcasts of your panels and the Awesome Hour while grinding levels in Age of Conan. Thoroughly enjoyed it! I kind of got thrown by the nature of the moderator's questions on the TNG panel, but other than that it was great! Of course, living at the arse end of the world I won't have a chance to experience The Brilliance That Is Wil live in the forseeable future, but the podcasts make up for it! (Speaking of which, I've been digging RFB recently too.) Oh, and yeah I just realised something the other day which kind of Blew. My. Mind. Yours was very nearly the first "personal" blog I ever read, ever. I didn't even know what a blog was, but one day one of my flatmates handed me one of Tom Tomorrow's compilation books. I followed the URL printed on that book to Tom's page because I wanted MOAR, and the very first post on his page was a link to your blog, which I followed, and the rest is history. That must've been in 2004, because I was in the process of dropping out of university and you were still at the old URL. (Also it's all your fault I discovered Fark. And we all know where that leads...) So thanks, Wil! I've been reading your stuff for a significant part of my adult life now, and you've always managed to make the Internet more interesting, even if you are also indirectly responsible for me spending at least ten minutes a day worrying about the state of Abe Vigoda's health.
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Coming late to the Twitter party (guess I'm not a trendsetter!) I've had an interesting ride so far. In particular, I've seen the same patterns in how the network deals with newcomers that other social networking sites had (e.g. Myspace)-people who have the knack of inserting themselves into these (effectively public) conversations gain followers quickly, while others either lurk or rapidly discourage others from following them with spammish or obnoxious behaviour. It really can be daunting for some people who have never experienced that kind of open social networking before, so I understand why some people might pick Twitter up, try it out for a few weeks, and end up quitting because "Twitter sucks!" Personally, I've stuck with it because I've managed to reconnect with several local people I previously knew through other sites-I'm not the new kid at school, it's just a new class and I'm catching up with old friends. That's had enough of a snowball effect for me to gather enough critical mass to feel like I'm genuinely connected to one part of the Twitter community.
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