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Andrea Smith
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You, my dear Wil, severely underestimate the fans you have. There are plenty of them out there (myself and my husband included)and put out blog posts like this one that says things like "limited" and "autographed" really excite us, but when you then write words like "ultra-limited" and "in person only" and "10" problems start to arise because living in FL the hubs will not be "in person" and therefore will not get one of the "10" this makes for a rather sad hubs. So remember us, your distant fans when your USBs sell out in 60 seconds flat.
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As some around your age who currently works on the space program and who is married to someone who currently works on the shuttle Thank you for this post Wil Wheaton, Thank you.
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"As much as Wil would like to deny it, it will be a blue, blue Christmas without me." **total aside I *may* have been in love with you as a teen, but don't worry I'm totally over that now.**
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Dec 4, 2010