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Andrea Zander
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Not nearly as cool, but still amusing, is this little item my SIL found. Abraca=Pocus!
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Freakin' AWEsome. I've worked with fondant, and some of those look terribly complicated. I wonder how big they are. Ace of Cupcakes! I LOVE the Hungry Hungry Hippos one!
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Speaking of VO work, I'm sitting here with my 4yo DD, watching The Secret of NIMH. You've gone and touched another generation. Oh, and that's another thing. DD wanted to Google images of unicorns the other day, and insisted on checking out THIS gem: Oh what fun to explain. She had trouble with the whole "tank of rainbows" thing, and I'm sure she won't recall it later. But thanks so much for making my job as parent that much more interesting. :D
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Jan 8, 2010