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Duesseldorf, Germany
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► The FAZ reports on (g) one of the many hindrances facing the authorities when trying to deport the hundreds of thousands of recent migrants with no right to be in Germany. First is the possibility of getting a doctor's certification that the migrant has a medical problem that cannot... Continue reading
Hard to imagine that European countries will send ground forces to fight IS. There are a dozen reasons for this, but one is the obvious question that would arise: Why should Europeans go fight, kill and die in Syria when there is literally an army of young, strong, healthy fighting-age... Continue reading
This is how a New York Times article on the building of EU 'hotspots' (front-line migrant processing centers) in Greece ends: Mr. Manolakellis, the engineer overseeing construction of the new European Union reception center here, said the site, once finished, will be able to register 1,400 people a day. A... Continue reading
Not too long ago, The New York Times featured a favorable profile of Eric Zemmour, the reactionary French Jewish author whose 2104 best-seller The French Suicide portrayed a nation destroying itself through political correctness and cultural inertia: A slight man with a quick tongue and a fearsome intellect, Mr. Zemmour,... Continue reading
Riots in migrant shelters are a daily occurrence. One today in a shelter near Dresden featured Albanians and Moroccans going at it (g). 48 cops were needed to quell the disturbance. On my other blog, I've pointed to the absurdity of admitting 'refugees' from Albania, an attractive tourist destination, prospective... Continue reading
Yes, There are Terrorists Among the Migrants The Sunday Times reports (paywalled): At least four senior Isis terrorists — including a notorious bomb maker — have entered the European Union posing as refugees and are believed to be still at large, sources close to an investigation in Belgium have revealed.... Continue reading
War photographer Teun Voeten lived for Molenbeek for nine years before giving up: I was part of a new wave of young urban professionals, mostly white and college-educated — what the Belgians called bobo, (“bourgeois bohémiens”) — who settled in the area out of pragmatism. We had good intentions. Our... Continue reading
If you're like me, you regard statements about 'what the terrorists want' as bullshit (as defined here). 'What the terrorists want' usually means no more than 'a policy outcome I don't favor'. Here's a more nuanced analysis: How is everyone so savvy when it comes to knowing what terrorists want?... Continue reading
Jan Techau accurately refers to European leaders' talk of 'war' as pure noise: A much larger bombing campaign against the Islamic State has been going on for months, with rather limited impact. Additional French firepower in this campaign is useful and welcome, but it won’t turn a halfhearted campaign into... Continue reading
Actually, I would say 'fleeing to safety' is his revealed preference. He could have fulfilled his stated preference in Syria by joining the Free Syrian Army, among dozens of other options. I'm not judging him, in his position I might do the same. But if he wanted to stay and fight, he could have. Now he says he'd like to go back and do just that, but he knows that's what his fellow countrymen and his new helpers want to hear. I will believe Syrians in Germany about wanting to go back and fight when they begin organizing themselves on the ground right now where they are for this purpose, instead of boasting about one day maybe doing it. The reason Europe can't isolate itself completely from the chaotic Arab world and Middle East is that Europe admitted tens of millions of people from these areas over the past 40 years, automatically importing their conflicts and customs with them. That can't be undone, but I think a vast majority of Europeans would like to see a further influx prevented. How about a Europe-wide referendum?
Some commenters have pointed to China as under potential threat from surplus young males. This isn't the case. China has no surplus of young males relative to the rest of the population: India and Egypt are very different. Youth bulges aren't destabilizing by themselves. They only become destabilizing when combined... Continue reading
Because (1) Chinese society is not broken and dysfunctional to the extent that, say, Egypt's or Syria's is, and (2) Chinese unemployment is officially 4%, unofficially 8%, which is low enough to provide some form of gainful employment to most young males.
Why are so many young men from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and North Africa streaming into Europe Germany? This chart from the Atlantic shows the parts of the world with the highest youth populations as of 2013. Notice anything? When you have vast numbers of young males living... Continue reading
A few commenters here and in the media have raised the idea of a sort of Muslim Foreign Legion. Since 70% of the migrants arriving in Germany are young healthy males of fighting age, and since many of them claim to be fleeing the terror of the Islamic State, why... Continue reading
The question is 'stable compared to what'? International law doesn't give people a right to refuge just because their home countries have high levels of political corruption, suffer intermittent terror attacks, and engage in some level of political repression. Those three criteria define 70% of the countries on the face of the earth. Giving 5 billion people a legal right to relocate to better-run countries would be a recipe for chaos, which is why international law does not and never will require this utterly insane outcome. You're right that many of the people arriving won't be accorded a legal right to permanent residency. But that doesn't mean they will leave. I echo Gwen's 100% skepticism that Germany will ever deport more than a tiny fraction of the people who have arrived. Historically Germany has never done this, what makes you think this time will be any different?
Do refugees need to be screened? Of course they do. That's how you recognize the most compelling cases of need, and weed out those who would abuse the system. Here's how the United States of America does it: "We have criteria, and because it's such a small number (of refugees... Continue reading
According to the Augsburger Zeitung, a speaker for the Bavarian Interior Ministry, Oliver Platzer, said (g): "When the influx continue to remain this high, then by the year's end we won't have 1.5 million refugees in Germany, but well over two million." On the one hand, Bavarian officials have a... Continue reading
If Germans often have peculiar ideas about the rest of the world, you can often chalk it up to the journalists on whom they rely for information. Case in point: I open up German's leading broadsheet, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2015 at German Joys
During the Democratic Presidential debate, all three candidates, including self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, took it as a given that refugees needed to be screened before resettlement: The Obama administration has said it wants to host an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year — which some liberals argue is... Continue reading
If you're a bit of a Japanophile, as I am, you notice something. There are no terrorist attacks in Japan. The ones that do happen are virtually always carried out by Japanese, and have dwindled to insignificance since the breakup of Aum Shinrikyo. There are no arrests of violent armed... Continue reading
Andrew Bacevich in the Boston Globe on the folly of bombing and invading the Middle East: Time and again the actual employment of [the West's] ostensibly superior military might has produced results other than those intended or anticipated. Even where armed intervention has achieved a semblance of tactical success —... Continue reading
Here are a few policy proposals on how to deal with migration and the terror threat. 1. Each European country passes a law specifying that any citizen who leaves to support a foreign terrorist group shall have his citizenship permanently revoked and forever be barred from re-entry. Nation-states may revoke... Continue reading
Ralph, thanks for the comment. The Bonn thing long ago linked and discussed on Facebook. Join up with a fake name and follow me.
Back on my other blog, I put my mystical powers on display for all to see. Those powers allowed me to predict future events, as well as policy changes by German and European leaders weeks, even months in advance. I even revealed the sources of my mystical powers, which are... Continue reading
Because migrants aren't stupid, they are all claiming to come from Syria, since the federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) guidelines basically now classify every Syrian as a refugee from civil war and thus eligible for some form of legal residency status. And according to a letter from the... Continue reading