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Thanks! This article neatly sums up just about every way in which Pfeiffer is evasive, condescending, and just plain wrong. I will translate and demolish it soon.
That's the insidious thing about random stranger violence: there is no real policy answer. It sends the message that the state cannot protect you. No matter how many more cops there are, no matter how harsh the penalties, nobody can guarantee you'll make it through the park unmolested this time. Public information is also not very helpful, since the only thing the authorities can really do is provide safety tips, which just deepens the fear. This is why you want to make sure your society keeps low levels of random stranger violence, if it's lucky enough to be in that condition. Importing hundreds of thousands of completely unknown random illiterate young males from the MENA region is not a good way of keeping stranger violence low. The only solution now is to get them out of the country as fast as possible.
And speaking of random stranger-on-stranger violence: Two female students at the University of Bochum were ambushed and raped in August and November of this year. One of them was a 27-year-old Chinese exchange student; the rape prompted the Chinese embassy... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at German Joys
Yet this is not one incident, as people all over Germany understand. It's only the most spectacularly violent of hundreds of thousands of incidents. Dozens of migrants from 2015 have already been convicted of forcible rape of stranger females, often in public parks. The case is symbolic *because it stands for so many others* which never made it out of the regional press. The fact that there are senseless killings in Germany which don't have anything to do with migrants is completely irrelevant. The optimal number of senseless killings in a society is 0. Any policy that predictably increases that policy is a bad policy. Or are you arguing that it's no problem that 400 extra women were raped in year X by migrants, because 1000 women were already raped in that year by Germans? Or that you shouldn't be too concerned about that new tumor in your liver, since you already had diabetes anyway? This is not the way normal humans think about what goes on in their lives every day, because it makes absolutely no sense. It is motivated reasoning intended only to distract and downplay uncomfortable realities. I am certain that most migrants also condemn these many thousands of crimes. But I frankly don't care. The legal test for whether a migrant has a right to be in Germany is not whether they share basic human moral intuitions. Most of them have no legal right to be in Germany at all. And 1 out of 1000 of those migrants is the next rape-murder. The sooner they can be deported back to their homes and families, the better. And then Germany can start afresh on a responsible migration policy that brings people into the country whose backgrounds are known and whose likelihood of committing rapes and murders is zero.
I see your point, but this is a blog. I can spend only 20 minutes or so a day on it, if even that, and generally want to make a brisk point. The place for reasoned, moderate, even-handed discourse is in academic journals, in which I've also published quite a bit. Or the kind of tedious waffle that mainstream politicians emit, which is increasingly unsatisfying to increasing numbers of Germans themselves, which is why the Presseclub today was devoted to the crisis of German democracy, and most of the contributors agreed it was in crisis. I use irony, sarcasm, parody, litotes, and other rhetorical devices to make my points. This makes the blog interesting, I hope. All I care about is whether I get my point across, and do so in a pithy, interesting manner. I have written a lot more about policy in the past couple of years than ever before for a single, valid reason: there's much more to write about. You've probably noticed the same thing with Trump's election, which I'd argue is about the same level of political earthquake as the Great Open Borders Episode of 2015, which will change German society for decades to come. Back in 2015, mainstream journalists were still straining mightily to ignore the facts before their eyes. Now, the points I was making then are conventional wisdom; I could have said many of the things they're now saying. So I will probably start blogging much less on the topic. But there are still some aspects that I think aren't getting enough attention.
The revelation that a young male who entered Germany illegally (he claims to be 17 and an Afghan citizen, but Germany doesn't check, believe it or not) in 2015 is the suspect in the random rape-murder of a 19-year-old medicine... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at German Joys
I think your comment has a bit of 'frontlash' about it. People are 'pouncing' on this vicious crime to support their anti-immigrant views because it objectively does support their anti-immigrant views. Do you have a single moment's doubt that if a Saxon skinhead raped and murdered a female immigrant, all of Germany would instantly descend into an orgy of blame and self-loathing, and a hundred initiatives and laws would be born? In that case, it would be impossible to find a single article which didn't insist that this one isolated crime was a 'potent symbol' of a broader problem and a 'failed policy'. And that would be a perfectly legitimate point to make, although not without its weaknesses. The brutal fact is that if it hadn't been for Merkel's reckless decision to import large portions of the unstable, unlettered criminal underclass of other countries, this crime, and hundreds like it, would never have happened. Dozens of people would be alive who are now dead, thousands of women would have never had to undergo sexual humiliation ranging all the way to forcible rape, and tens of thousands of ordinary citizens would not have had their property stolen or been beaten up. Now if Merkel had insisted on screening, thorough background checks, and limitations on movements of young male asylum applicants -- all of which are not only permitted but required by laws which she ignored -- the amount of chaos would have been vastly reduced. And the tolerance of Germans for immigrants vastly increased. It is completely rational to object to a policy which allows dangerous criminals into your country to prey on its citizens. I see no reason not to take this case as a potent symbol of a failed policy. Especially if it turns out that Carolin G. was raped and murdered by another migrant, and outcome which still certainly can't be discounted.
The murder victims' father is a member of the Legal Advisory council of the European Commission, and of the Central Commission of German Catholics, for which he wrote a pro-refugee press release condemning the 'populism' of those who wanted to close borders. His deceased daughter was also active in migrant aid programs.
Not that it took anything but common sense to make it, but my prediction of this morning stands confirmed. According to the just-completed police press conference, the accused in the case of the October 2016 rape and murder of Maria... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at German Joys
You obviously haven't been following the immigration debate here in Germany. Right now, almost everyone agrees that the open-doors influx of 2015 was a mistake. But in 2015, it was a different story -- a recent study showed an eye-popping 82% of the reporting was favorable. Doubters such as myself, making reasoned, skeptical arguments, were angrily and publicly attacked. Just look at some of the comment threats in the archives. Or on my Facebook feed. That forms the absolutely necessary background to understanding the new bitterness and distrust which has entered German public life. The response to doubters in 2015 was not reasoned explanation and a plea for patience, but snide attacks and accusations of racism and xenophobia. Things have calmed down a great deal now that mass-immigration skeptics such as myself have completely and crushingly won the debate, with over 80% of Germans now opposing the open-doors policy. But there is no reason for us to forget or forgive the vicious insults that were hurled our way for simply holding on to our common sense.
Police have finally arrested a suspect in the case of a student at the University of Freiburg who was raped, murdered, and thrown into the Dreisam river (g) on the 16th of October. News reports say that the clue came... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at German Joys
Currently topping the German charts and stealing the German hearts: the man, the legend, the mystery named Ricardo. Brought to you by Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at German Joys
In October and November, two young women were attacked, one in Freiburg, one nearby. They were apparently seized at random, raped, and murdered. It is possible both attacks were committed by the same rapist/murderer. So far, despite cash rewards, the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2016 at German Joys
A prominent CDU politician has just advocated (g): Actually deporting the 500,000 migrants currently in Germany whose asylum claims have been denied and who have no legal right to be here. Turning back illegal migrants at the border. Turning back... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2016 at German Joys
Freiburg, Germany, is an idyllic university town located at the edge of the Black Forest. It is the sunniest spot in Germany. And the site of 4 brutal crimes in the past 6 weeks. One man was beaten to death... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2016 at German Joys
Posted Nov 24, 2016 at German Joys
Behold: the first time the name of Friedrich Hölderlin has ever been mentioned during a street protest in the United States. He throws in Fichte, Schelling, Kant, and Hegel for good measure. Does anyone know what "city" he's referring to... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2016 at German Joys
Another thoughtful piece putting the Trump win in context by Robert Howse, professor of international law at NYU: 4. Trump correctly gauged based on geographical and demographic factors to whom he would need to appeal in order to put together... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2016 at German Joys
Trump has looooong since backed away from the 'total and complete shutdown' language. Europeans keep making the understandable mistake of taking what he says seriously. That was just bluster and bullshit. Nobody actually knows what Trump supports now, since he's said everything from total and complete shutdown to 'extreme vetting'. He will certainly hear from legal advisers about the potential implications of various scenarios. It's anybody's guess what the policy will be.
Trump is many things, and has said many things, but he's not a fascist, he's not deeply racist (although he has made racist statements), he's clearly no anti-Semite, and his views on immigration aren't far out of the mainstream. Those... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2016 at German Joys
Looks like someone smuggled a camera into Berghain: Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2016 at German Joys
I wrote a little something on the legal implications of Trump's victory on Legal Tribune Online: In a deeply riven America, the only point about which all Americans can agree is this: The election of Donald Trump is the most... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2016 at German Joys
- called for a total and complete shut-down of Muslims entering the US, thereby singling out a particular group of people for secondary citizenship status No it doesn't. Trump's proposal applies only to people who are not citizens and have no permanent residency status in the US. That is, to Muslims who are foreign nationals. Foreign nationals have no right to enter any country. Foreign nationals living outside the US have no *American* legal interests to protect whatsoever. And this is true of every other country as well. America can refuse entry to a foreign national for any reason at all, including religion, and has done so in the past. Just as many other countries have done. - stated that building a wall on the Mexican border would (also) help to keep out Syrians seeking asylum, thereby denying the right to seek asylum This doesn't affect the right to asylum at all. Asylum is **not** the right to seek refuge **in the country of your choice**. It is the right to seek refuge in the **first safe country you enter after leaving your home country**. Therefore, by definition, if a Syrian refugee is in Mexico, the refugee has a right to apply for asylum **in Mexico** -- if Mexico is the first safe country they entered. The asylum seeker has no right to continue hopping from safe country to safe country until he finds the richest one.
Again, in international comparison, the civil rights and civil liberties laws of the U.S. are quite advanced, **even when interpreted by conservative judges**. That is why under the Obama administration, Obama decided to start focusing on fripperies like transgender bathrooms. This is not to say that criticism isn't warranted, or that judges don't let their ideological prejudices affect their interpretation of the law. (Which happens in every single country, and always will). But the starting point from which the US goes backward is so far ahead of where most countries are that there's really no comparison.