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Duesseldorf, Germany
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The number of asylum-seekers in Germany from Chechnya is on the increase (g). Chechens are notorious in Russian novels for being the most violent and fractious minority in the empire. The list of terrorist attacks carried out by Chechen Muslim... Continue reading
Posted 3 hours ago at German Joys
Bullying, fistfights, petty theft -- these are all normal incidents of every society. Ignore them. What matters is crimes of violence. Murders, rapes, armed robbery. Those detonate like bombs everywhere they happen -- when they happen to random strangers. Everyone calculates their behavior on the basis of the amount of harm which might happen to them. In terms of changing behavior and perceptions, a 10% risk of having your wallet stolen is trivial compared to a .001% risk of being raped or murdered. Germans are blissfully unaware of this fact because they have always lived in an extremely safe society. We'll see how long that lasts.
Anyone who grew up in the US during the crime wave of the 1970s-1990s learned never to open the door to strangers. If a stranger knocked at your front door claiming to need help, you were supposed to communicate with... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at German Joys
From das neue album Spagat der Liebe: Aquarium Drunkard sez: Krautpop. Speaking of Trouble In Mind Records, earlier this month the Chicago label released Spagat der Liebe, the Zürich based Klaus Johann Grobe’s second LP. Comprised of Sevi Landolt (organ/synths/vocals)... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at German Joys
Fine, long, fairly neutral piece by Nathan Heller in the New Yorker about student activism at Oberlin, a small liberal-arts college in Ohio. This transcription of a conversation with three activists is -- well, you can decide for yourself: "It... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at German Joys
I got bored. Preferred writing and translating. Easy-peasy. Still teaching, just as an adjunct. No bureaucracy, no administration. As for gay marriage, I favor it, but I share some reservations about it being imposed by unelected tribunals. Still, since marriage is a dying institution anyway, I don't see the issue of who gets to join it as all that important.
You're right -- the article was rather misleadingly written. I'll change the post. Thanks!
Mainstream German politicians are doing something very clever. Slowly and surely, drip-by-drip, they are getting German women used to the fact that they are unsafe in their own country because of violent crime by migrants. Of course they don't mention... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at German Joys
...keep reading, Doctor! I was challenging the writers to provide me with evidence. We'll see if they do. If they can, I will publicly retract the letter with profuse thanks. I don't think I'll have to do that. And neither do you.
@Prinzipell, my good fellow, I retrieve your gauntlet! First, I'm neither German nor a law professor. Always been a US citizen, gave up the teaching job a few months ago. As for the substance of your point, you are evidently unaware of the lively debate in political-science and legal circles about the dangers and drawbacks of framing public-policy debates in terms of rights: "Our rights talk, in its absoluteness promotes unrealistic expectations, heightens social conflict, and inhibits dialogue that might lead toward consensus, accommodation, or at least the discovery of common ground. In its silence concerning responsibilities, it seems to condone acceptance of the benefits of living in a democratic social welfare state, without accepting the corresponding personal and civic obligations…. In its insularity, it shuts out potentially important aids to the process of self-correcting learning. All of these traits promote mere assertion over reason-giving." -- Mary Ann Glendon Simply put, defining every policy which is favored by a certain minority as an inalienable, absolute right which MUST override democratic self-determination is dangerous. Not only does it undermine democracy, it also undermines rights themselves, via dilution. If the right of certain pre-operative transsexuals to use a certain public bathroom is regarded as exactly as important to society as allowing women to vote -- and if both require the nullification of the democratic will -- then people will start taking rights less seriously. I have a few examples for you. Karl likes to have sex with animals. He says it doesn't hurt them, in fact it helps them. It is an expression of his selfhood which he can't change -- just like sex or religion. Karl therefore demands that he be granted a RIGHT to have sex with animals. Since it is a RIGHT, there can be no compromise. Anyone who opposes Karl's RIGHT is throwing him to the wolves of mere democracy, and is surely a right-wing populist, if not an outright Nazi. After all, the Nazis also persecuted zoophiles. Jane likes to walk around nude. It doesn't hurt anybody....etc. See where I'm headed here?
Did you know that the EU has a foreign ministry? Very few people do, since it it does very little. The number of foreign-policy priorities all 28 EU member states can agree on can probably be counted on one hand.... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at German Joys
Turns out there are fairly new English translations of Der Waldgang and Das abenteuerliche Herz by Ernst Jünger. Both translations by Thomas Friese. Anyone read them? Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at German Joys
Whenever I blog about crimes by migrants, most of my German readers shift uncomfortably in their seats. They maintain utter silence about the issue, never commenting one way or the other, and privately wonder if I've finally drunk das Kool-Aid... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at German Joys
If there's one thing German mainstream journalists excel at -- and I'm tempted to say there is just one thing -- it's to point the finger of moral judgment at other countries. About half of all mainstream German press coverage... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2016 at German Joys
In Grafenberg Forest, Düsseldorf, Thursday: Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2016 at German Joys
"I don't know if that was the case for the guy in the clip but neither do you. What happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty?" This is a legal question of burdens of proof. Someone who has entered a country illegally has violated the law, and will be expelled unless that person can bear the burden of proving they have a legal ground for remaining in the country. This means, under modern international law, they must make a 'convincing' case that they face individual persecution. The burden of proof is on the illegal immigrant, not on the host state. Now, in countries which have a sustainable, rational refugee policy, one can assume most refugees have a legitimate reason to be here, since those refugees have already been processed by the UNHCR and subjected to a background check to verify their identity and story. But in Germany, as we all know, hundreds of thousands of people poured in with no background checks, 60% without even identification. So since the burden of proof is on them, and Germany knows nothing about them it is entirely fair to presume they have no reason to be here unless evidence demonstrates otherwise.
I am well aware of what's going in Somalia. Much more so than most Germans. But the question of whether Somalia is a "safe place" is, pardon the caps, COMPLETELY UTTERLY TOTALLY irrelevant. TOTALLY. The vast majority of countries on the face of the EARTH are not "safe places" everywhere. The banlieues of Paris are not safe places. South Chicago is not a safe place. Many parts of Pakistan, China, and India are not safe places (combined pop. over 2 billion). What matters for the purpose of asylum is whether THIS INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING faces SEVERE INDIVIDUAL PERSECUTION because of HIS OWN religious beliefs, political views, etc. THAT is the sole, decisive factor for recognition of political asylum. Now it may be possible for this young man to gain some sort of protection from deportation by arguing that Somalia isn't safe, but that does not equal a legal right to residency in Germany conferred by a recognized political asylum claim. But even putting that aside, the simple fact is that young males from Africa who relocate to Europe actually DO commit sexual assault at rates vastly higher than the native population: "A 1996 report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention reached the conclusion that immigrants from North Africa (Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) were 23 times as likely to commit rape as Swedish men. The figures for men from Iraq, Bulgaria and Romania were, respectively, 20, 18 and 18. Men from the rest of Africa were 16 times more prone to commit rape; and men from Iran, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, 10 times as prone as Swedish men." Given this fact, which definitely is also the case in Germany, it is simply reckless to encourage young, horny, single males from cultures where rape is tolerated to hit on German women. What happens when one of the young males in this class, drunk out of their minds on alcohol which they have never tasted before, decides to put his knowledge into practice, does all the right things, but is still rebuffed? Even if 8 out of 10 accept that response and move on, it's the remaining 2 cases which are the real doozies. As dozens of German women and children are finding out Every. Single. Day.
Germans travel a lot, but apparently don't bother opening their eyes. Which accounts for a tendency some Germans have. As soon as they notice an aspect of a foreign country which they think is kind of sad and so terribly... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2016 at German Joys
There are 181.2 million people living in Pakistan. If a terrorist attack in Pakistan that killed 72 people means the entire country is now unsafe and all Pakistanis must now be permitted to relocate to Germany, what about France? That attack killed 130 people in an even smaller country. Should all French people be permitted to relocate to Germany? Now if that guy from Pakistan actually were a Christian, then he might well have a claim for asylum recognition. But I don't know many Christians named Ahmed, do you? Pakistan is not at war with any other country, and not in a state of civil war. That means it is at peace, or 'peaceful'. And Pakistan is about as stable as countries in that region ever are. I never said the central government was in control of Afghanistan or that it was a haven. Those questions are completely irrelevant to the question of asylum status. Once again, the only relevant question is whether this one individual human being faces persecution so intense that it presents a direct threat to his life or health. If you saw any evidence of that in the article, I'd be happy to change my position!
The first thing that has already gone wrong is the the reporter never even asked why any of these young males think they have a legal right to remain in Germany. Somalia is a country emerging from civil war and chaos and establishing an ever-stronger national government. Since we are presented with no argument that this young man faces severe individual persecution, the presumption must be that he has no legal right to enter Germany illegally and should be deported. Period. The next thing that has already gone wrong is: why is German importing young males who are ignorant of basic aspects of German culture? Are they going to contribute to German society? Do they bring valuable job skills? Are they going to create businesses which will employ Germans? Since they are NOT refugees, it's perfectly legitimate to ask these questions. Finally, why exactly is it a high priority to teach these men how to pick up women? Why should they be encouraged to think that is the most valuable use of their time? Is that what we want migrants concentrating their energies on? Even assuming that any of them has any grounds for asylum, their primary task should be learning German and learning some sort of job skill.
The Spiegel looks at what's on the smartphones (g) of six migrants. The whole article reads like an anodyne puff-piece from the heyday of Willkommenskultur. We hear from Limamou from Senegal; Ahmad Hamed from Afghanistan; Hassan from Somalia; Ahmed from... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2016 at German Joys
A workshop for migrants to teach them how to flirt with German women. Including demonstrations of condom use. What could possibly go wrong? If there's one thing open borders has taught us, it's that 'Borat' was a documentary: Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2016 at German Joys
William Faulkner (remember him?) once said: "The past is never dead. It isn't even the past." Just when you thought it was safe to go into Central Europe again, comes this shocking news: The German Race Wars (g) are back!... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2016 at German Joys
Möhling, why are you always such an asshole to everyone, including people who you generally agree with?
The right-wing Alternative for Germany party is now polling at a righteous 15% (g) making it the third-largest party in Germany. And a recent polls shows why: even though most Germans don't think the AfD has any real answers to... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2016 at German Joys