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Andrew Goss
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We have 2 cats we rescued from a shelter (8 month old brother and sister) Linus and Lucy, and they are getting into everything - recently they discovered the joys of the clean clothes just out of the dryer I know the clothes are clean but I just don't care because they are sooooo cute. But I really get this mental picture of you reasoning with your cats and then I die laughing knowing that no matter how hard you try to tell them they will just glare at you
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Is there a "Don't Be A Dick" App? It would be great if you could send it to people for them to download and it explain to them how to not be a dick... just a thought for a new app.
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Wil - I have never posted on your blog though I have been reading for years and crap like this just kills me, I will never be a public figure like you but there is a point where people need to understand that you are a human and not an android (sorry couldn't resist) and I think you even meeting fans is very admirable. I must admit that your performances have brought so much laughter so I thank you for that and I hope that this experience doesn't stop you from meeting fans, I only hope some day to meet you and shake your hand and say thank you for the work that you do. If all else fails just look for the red glowing flower and start shooting fireballs at the jerks (worked for Mario). So thank you for all you do for the fans
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Jul 26, 2011