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Why did I learn these subjects at school: French, German, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Woodwork, Metalwork - I do not need them for my day job or to survive. The information I learnt in those subjects means I have enough knowledge to understand the basics when it comes to reading or talking about a topic, such as how electricity is generated, what happens when certain chemicals react or why is the sky blue or why are plants green. Likewise, learning the basics of coding helps people understand how computers work and the logic behind the programs they use on a daily basis. I am all for teaching children from an early age (7/8 years) the basics of coding using software like Scratch. It helps them think logically and to solve problems - all of which are vital for anything that life throws at them. My 10 year old was able to build a space invaders game in scratch after a few hours of using scratch: Video of his game - He might not grow up to be a software developer but it made him appreciate how computer games work as well as think how to solve problems like how to make the score increase when he blew up a spaceship.
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May 15, 2012