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Just heard about Dalembert signing with houston for 2 years and 13.7 million. How did Wyc and Danny miss that one? I am sure Sacramento would have taken J oneal and one of our first round picks next year for Dalembert. Would have fit in Perfect and even in Houston they have the chance to buy him out cheap after the first year. Would have been good for us. Sad to see him go so cheap and us not be on board with it.
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i agree.....i wonder if Dalembert would take a one year deal at around that same amount.....9 mil......if not the most i would sign him to is 3 years. If we hold onto rondo then all we need is a center that can catch alley oops, dunk, rebound and defend. We do not need a post up threat as kendrick perkins never was.
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i think Sacramento would not mind having a back up for Cousins (j o neal)and getting a great pick (Clippers first rounder next year) and maybe even bradley or moore shipped with him also. The get depth at center and we get a starting center. They are moving on with Cousins as the starter
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Mayo is a shooting guard which we have a plethora of. He would not help at all. We need a Center
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Why is noone talking about Samuel Dalembert?? I think he would fit in perfectly with the celtics! WE have always had good communication with Sacramento. Sigh and trade Dalembert to us for J Oneal and our first round pick. Dalembert is long, blocks shots, rebounds and can dunk. That is all we need at center. Pay him 8-10 mil a year. That would make me feel like we could win a ring this year if we had an upgrade at center!
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Dec 15, 2011