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In the foolish belief that someone might actually care about reading this comment, I find this article extremely sad. You have identified the very thing that needs to be taught in order for someone to program. You have determined a way to test whether it has been learned or not. It is beautiful. The logical next step is to figure out a way to teach that. Why do you stop there and assume the rest is pointless? Why not dig deeper and figure out how to teach that particular point? Programming is no more difficult than reading. At one time, only the special few, the priests and scholars, were able to read. As time progressed, our teaching methods improved, and more and more people learned to read, until today, even little kids learn to read. The techniques to teach programming will likewise improve, until eventually we are able to teach it to anyone. You have made an excellent advance in this area: why did you stop there?
I really don't think any study on perfect pitch is complete until it at least considers the various people who claim to be able to teach perfect pitch: I don't know why this is even controversial, if we know that the typical human brain can recognize pitches, then the only difficulty is correlating it with notes. This is no different really than correlating notes written on a page with touching the correct note on a piano, or seeing letters written on a page and corresponding them to sounds and words and meaning.
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Jun 29, 2010