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I couldn't believe this guy.... The Netflix "math"? You have to get and return six movies a month for it to be $3 a rental, which is the national video store average (at least it used to be). That's not a lot of movies, if you rent movies (less than 2 movies a weekend). And his last problems, with the Netflix queue not reading his mind. I think doing a little queue maintenance takes just as much time as going to a video store.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2006 on PBS Host Quits Netflix at Hacking NetFlix
What a load of ... All right, maybe they don't throttle but I have two e-mails from customer service stating they do not send any titles they estimate will take more than 2 days to arrive, which means if there's only a copy of something in California--I will never, ever get it in Chicago. Unless someone in Arizona rents it, then someone in Missouri or something. It's worse than throttling.
Only $200? At the video store I used to work at, there was a customer--who was a "club member" and only paid $1 a day for late fees, who racked up $1400. It just became a joke after it went over $100.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2006 on Police Enforce Late Fees at Hacking NetFlix
Which sounds like... in2TV, only for pay...
I was going to go see it in the theater, but I got lazy, so I guess it's DVD for me. Cuban's happy about the response (in that WSJ article).
I don't think I've ever gotten an unplayable disc from Netflix, actually. I think I got one broken one, once, and it really made me angry (because, after 5 years, I finally got one). I've gotten quite a few broken discs from Blockbuster...
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2006 on Unplayable Netflix Rentals at Hacking NetFlix
for minimal effort, people can figure out how to download shows off bittorrent... but they don't, just for the ease of iTunes. It's the same as people not stealing music online--if the majority of the audience is convinced its easy, this'll be the way it is.