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Trunks Android18
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Geeze Wil, you sound *achem* cool when put through the synth (laughing). Season 4 will be awesome.
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I was surprised when I read you'd responded so quickly Wil, but I'm glad you got the note. I told my mom about it and she said she'd be pissed too. I'm using the page primarily to update my family on the status of my kids since they live far away (3 and a half day drive) and they never get to see them otherwise. I'm not posting potentially incriminating information about myself or details about the kids lives; family can use the phone for that. But they enjoy the photos (which I pray are safe on this stupid thing), because it beats having to send 40 photos a month out to about 60 people and hope they all get them. I know Father's day is coming up (at least it is where I am, don't know about the States) so I hope you have a good one and take care with those kids.
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Hi Wil. I just wanted to thank you for being a real person. I'm not going to do the fan girl gush thing as I don't think it suits anyone over 20. I'm enjoying your books and appreciate the honesty in your blog. I wanted to let you know there's a guy on facebook who's kind of posing as you for the aims of getting people to donate to alzheimers. Sorry, my spelling has never been very good and my mouse seems to be broken, but anyway, here's the link:!/pages/Wil-Wheaton/121507888964?ref=search&sid=baNrjnGpq-aLVL6mRfpOgg.2681966585..1 Hopefully no one took this guy too seriously though it's a good cause. I just don't want to see anyone misrepresented. When my kids are a little older and if you're ever doing a con in Toronto, I'd like to take them with me to meet you. Frakes came a couple of years ago and he seems like a pretty real guy too. Maybe tired, but I bet it would take a lot out of you to be around all those people all the time. Take care.
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Jun 2, 2010