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Andy Monfried
I'm the Founder and CEO of Lotame, a husband, and father of 2 great kids......
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it was not Burton. the guys name i hung with was Dale
It's not simply researching -- that is a little basic. It goes something like this. (barring HIPAA laws) 1 - you are prescribed an anti psychotic med to regulate violent behavior/thoughts 2 - home address/IP address/search patterns/browsing should be categorized based on the prescription of said meds thats it. it's about triggers. i dont think that a door should be kicked in just for searching something, its about "unifying and understanding" different data sets in real time. but, when you search for "violent" content, AND you are on a known medicine, that has been linked to crimes like Newtown -- I think that is the perfect example of "data exhaust." I heard the last few of the mass murderers have been on some form of pharma drug to control psychosis -- and i think that is DATA EXHAUST. today, that info is protected -- but, i think it should be monitored and categorized for the greater good. (and not held by laws designed to solely protect the patient)
Jonathan -- thanks for the comment. It will be hard for me to "prove a negative," But, I will try. Look around the world. Jon, you won the LOTTERY. To be born in the second half of the 20th century, during the greatest industrial and technological boom the world has ever seen. BAR NONE. In the greatest country. With the most diversity of its inhabitants, the most wealth, and the greatest differences amongst people and views. And, yes we have problems. Yes we have issues. But my friend WE BOTH won the equivalent of -- "the galaxies surreal lottery." We won the mega jackpot. You could have been born in china during mao, vietnam the 60's, or north korea. Those people would trade with us to be here in a heartbeat. Our ancestors who fled their native lands. They left uncertainty and fear. You (I hope) dont go to sleep at night with any sort of fear for your safety, or that of your children? And even today -- our country elected an African American to lead us. That in itself is such an incredible and amazing statement about who we are as a people -- and what our system can offer. Once again, we do have challenges, and problems. None of which are insurmountable -- especially after looking at how the country fought each other in the civil war, and then rebuilt...despite the animosity and hatred of each other. How we disagreed vehemently on "red line" issues of the day (in the past).... Its our system, and it is the BEST equipped to deal with these challenges. Rather than a totalitarian leader who will mandate, and force change. Its about consensus, and incremental change -- through debate, and compromise. My point of the post was that this is overload, and entertainment. It wasnt intended to be. Much of politics is "sausage making" -- and it has become the equivalent of "sports in real time, updates on the hour." This (politics) has evolved into entertainment, through our technological advances. That is a shame Dont fall for the pessimism rap being fed us. People ARE NOT dying in the street. There is NOT an outbreak of malnourishment and children going hungry in mass. There is not a government slaughtering people in the streets like Syria. We have a good system, and a great life. I know we have problems (once again)......but, I also know that the past 230 years have been fraught with seemingly insurmountable challenges, and we have overcome all of them. ALL OF THEM. We will come through. And, you will live to 120 years old to see it all -- because your winning lottery ticket changed the life expectancy from your grandfather to you, from 58 (your grandpa) to 76 for you. And, knowing you -- you will live to 120 -- and see it all. Stressing every minute along the way. :)
Rob - thanks so much. I respect your opinion, and it means a lot for you to weigh in here. The reference to the 100k WAS NOT, it was IKON -- and I was able to work closely with my clients on DSO. (days sales outstanding) -- a way of looking at how fast/slow clients paid their bills. Here was the deal: In the legal business, law firms typically waited to pay their bills to their vendors (me) - until the clients paid them. As an example, we would do copy work for a firm, lets say a $50,000 job on April 1st. We would bill on April 30. The firm would not bill their client until May 30th for the work. Client takes 90 days to pay - thus you see -- the company was "floating paper" -- and the average DSO was 130-180 days. Law firms WAITED till they got paid -- to pay the vendors. This caused huge problems. Ikon said in their commission plan to sales reps, "if your average DSO was BELOW 30 days, you get a 20% automated increase in every commission check for that month. " You better know that I schmoozed every AP person, and I wined and dined every accounting person at my law firms. My average DSO? 48 hours. :)
thanks Greg. appreciate the kind words. the dynamic of failure, ego, positive karma, and bravado -- are a daily mix that is not for the faint of heart. only sales people who want to (and consistently) strive to be different than the rest.
David - thanks for the comment. I agree wholeheartedly with all of your points, ranging from treatment of minorities to Bruce's generosity. One place I struggle with is Bruce's "public" stance on these issues. Thats my point. Regardless of his private place -- his art and energy can be better placed in defense of police officers, soldiers, and law enforcement...... thats it, thanks
congrats. as i've told you previously.....many silent lurkers read you EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am a Brutally Honest fan (I'd buy a Tshirt if I could) -- and, I'm constantly talking you up, and spreading your wisdom. Sweet validation comes in many forms.....and it seems that your hard work, tremendous expression of ideas, and focus on quality for BH is being recognized.... and, I salute you. Sweet Solstice, on June 21st. Andy
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Mar 15, 2010
AWESOME video Michael and team!!!! Well done, and the Glory Days at the end really hit home for me... "Glory days well they'll pass you by Glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye Glory days, glory days" Mike, you gave your boys 2 things that is truly Glorious......time and memories. this video will outlive you, and will speak volumes to their children (your grandchildren) -- and you nailed it. rockin, andy
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