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I need expert help regarding SMTP...anyone, please! I'm trying to understand the safest way to use SMTP. I am about to purchase a virtual server package, on which I will set up PHPlist (free open source mailing program), so we have the freedom to send unlimited newsletters (...10,000 per day at least, which requires a VPS). Here's my current setup with YMLP's software. I have a website - let's call it, I send newsletters with the From / Reply To address as, which isn't being hosting by me but I have access to the email account. Can I do this with PHPList? i.e. send messages using as the visible address, but having it all go through my VPS SMTP? I cannot authenticate it, right? Is this a bad practice? Is my only hope to use an address with a domain on the VPS, i.e.
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Jan 10, 2011