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Angela Booth
I'm a professional copywriter, writing teacher, author and tech journalist.
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In Team Up I’ve been working with a writer who’s started writing a book more times than she can count. She says that she has a dozen false starts on her computer. Those books never went anywhere. “I start out... Continue reading
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Can a book cover help you to sell more books? Yes, and no. Your book cover has one primary job: to gain readers’ attention. After that, your blurb (description) and your Look Inside pages need to do the heavy lifting.... Continue reading
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The Select “pot” — the money Amazon puts in to pay KDP Select authors — has been dropping. For June 2017, Amazon offers a KENPC of 0.0042229. Many authors attribute the declining KENPC to scammers. I talked about scammers in... Continue reading
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You’re writing romance fiction — good for you. With its dozens of sub-genres, and sub-sub genres, it’s the biggest selling genre by a large margin. It outsells other fiction by around four to one. There’s a challenge however. If you’re... Continue reading
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Author marketing is changing. Many authors believe that you don’t need a website, and the argument for and against author websites rages whenever new authors get together. The “for” group of authors maintain that a website is essential. The “against”... Continue reading
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I’ve written about using short stories for marketing before, but since “can I really sell short stories?” is a question which keeps coming up, here are three more tips which will help. They may inspire you to make the most... Continue reading
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You’re writing a novel. Self-publishing seems too hard, so you want to sell your novel to a traditional publisher. Then the publisher will take care of publishing, so that you don’t have to worry. We’ve had some questions about traditional... Continue reading
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At our last writing group meeting, we talked about finding time to write. Several members shared their writing process. Some outlined, some didn’t. One member wrote on her phone in her car, before she started work each day. She said:... Continue reading
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Writing fiction is a state of mind: free your imagination The biggest challenge for new authors is finding a way to free their imagination. In today’s entertainment world, we allow others to guide our imagination via TV shows and movies.... Continue reading
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The “write more” trick: get inspired, then write what excites you I’m sure that I frustrate my students, because these tales of misery and similar challenges get this answer: write more. Not what you’re writing now; write new stuff. Stuff... Continue reading
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Simple goals you can set for your fiction writing include: A short-term goal — a goal for this week, or this month; A couple of medium-term goals, for the next six months, or year; Long-term goals, for where you hope... Continue reading
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Thinking of developing a fiction writing career? It’s almost a decade since Amazon released the Kindle and changed publishing forever. Today, hundreds of thousands of authors are self-publishing millions of books; fiction writing is hugely popular. I just checked Amazon.... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 7, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Book marketing and “free”: readers can read free ebooks, forever Here’s the biggest challenge. Readers no longer need to buy any ebooks. They can read free ebooks forever, even without subscribing to Kindle Unlimited. Check Amazon, and you’ll find free... Continue reading
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Your “write more” practice: build a habit I have days when, if I paid attention to how I feel — woolly head, no ideas, bored with writing and with myself — I’d write very little. Fortunately, I’ve developed habits which... Continue reading
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Write better fiction: allow your readers to use their imagination When authors break their habits of over-describing and over-explaining in their fiction, their writing improves for one simple reason — a reader’s curiosity ensures that he’ll keep reading. Readers’ curiosity... Continue reading
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Want to sell more books? Know your readers If you want to sell more books, your best bet is to sell them to people who know and love your work. In other words… get a mailing list. You need a... Continue reading
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Reverse outlining: an easy way to improve your writing If you hate outlining and just want to WRITE, I get it. I feel the same way. When I’m inspired, I just want to write — it’s imperative. Occasionally I give... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 26, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Get paid: how do you know how much to charge? I’ve covered that, and much more, in our new program, “How Much Do I Charge?” The Secret Strategies Of Writing For Money. Negotiation makes writers uncomfortable, but if you want... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 24, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Book marketing: when someone says “you need a platform” As we’ve said, for authors and writers, a platform is your readership. It’s people who’ve heard your name before. They’ve read one of your books and like it, and would read... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 24, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
I asked her to send me a couple of her “unoriginal” ideas. One of them was great. A reality TV show, with six everyday people, shut up in a mansion. The group would perform scenes from famous plays. Each week... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 18, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
You’re selling your writing services. Sadly, getting great writing jobs is a challenge. You may not know (or believe) that amazing jobs are everywhere. They’re not advertised. You can get them however — consider pitching for them. Freelance magazine writers... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 16, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
If you’re tired of low-paying gigs, forget the freelance marketplaces and other writing job venues. Pitch for unadvertised gigs. When writers tell me that they don’t know where unadvertised gigs are the short answer is: they’re all around you. There... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 12, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Reality: you CANNOT control the marketplace. Any publishing career involves luck. But you can control yourself, so that failures just become speed humps on your route to success. I’ve seen many wonderful authors who allowed failure to crush them into... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 9, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Finally, around 2015, I made Dragon for Mac (Dragon Dictate at the time) part of my workflow. The software’s much, much better than it used to be. You can spend time on your writing, not on correcting egregious software errors.... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 7, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Online proposal (pitch) generators: they take the boredom out of pitching Online proposal generators have become very popular, and for good reason. Back in the day, creating a proposal which looked great could take an hour — or much longer,... Continue reading
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