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Angela Booth
I'm a professional copywriter, writing teacher, author and tech journalist.
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Reverse outlining: an easy way to improve your writing If you hate outlining and just want to WRITE, I get it. I feel the same way. When I’m inspired, I just want to write — it’s imperative. Occasionally I give... Continue reading
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Get paid: how do you know how much to charge? I’ve covered that, and much more, in our new program, “How Much Do I Charge?” The Secret Strategies Of Writing For Money. Negotiation makes writers uncomfortable, but if you want... Continue reading
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Book marketing: when someone says “you need a platform” As we’ve said, for authors and writers, a platform is your readership. It’s people who’ve heard your name before. They’ve read one of your books and like it, and would read... Continue reading
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I asked her to send me a couple of her “unoriginal” ideas. One of them was great. A reality TV show, with six everyday people, shut up in a mansion. The group would perform scenes from famous plays. Each week... Continue reading
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You’re selling your writing services. Sadly, getting great writing jobs is a challenge. You may not know (or believe) that amazing jobs are everywhere. They’re not advertised. You can get them however — consider pitching for them. Freelance magazine writers... Continue reading
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If you’re tired of low-paying gigs, forget the freelance marketplaces and other writing job venues. Pitch for unadvertised gigs. When writers tell me that they don’t know where unadvertised gigs are the short answer is: they’re all around you. There... Continue reading
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Reality: you CANNOT control the marketplace. Any publishing career involves luck. But you can control yourself, so that failures just become speed humps on your route to success. I’ve seen many wonderful authors who allowed failure to crush them into... Continue reading
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Finally, around 2015, I made Dragon for Mac (Dragon Dictate at the time) part of my workflow. The software’s much, much better than it used to be. You can spend time on your writing, not on correcting egregious software errors.... Continue reading
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Online proposal (pitch) generators: they take the boredom out of pitching Online proposal generators have become very popular, and for good reason. Back in the day, creating a proposal which looked great could take an hour — or much longer,... Continue reading
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Self-publishing pro: how do you get started? A year ago, one of my writing students quit her day job, and then promptly became blocked. She decided that she had to go back to work. While she was job hunting, I... Continue reading
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In a recently writers’ group meeting the five of us who are fighting the battle of the indie author discussed why we feel that we’re “not doing enough.” When you’re an indie, there’s just you. You make all the decisions,... Continue reading
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“But my clients won’t pay more.” You may be right. If you’ve positioned yourself as a generic “writer”, you’re attracting clients who are on a strict budget. These clients often advertise for writers. Improve your lead-generating skills, and you’ll find... Continue reading
Reblogged May 27, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Writers start blogs because they’ve been told that they “should” have one. Yes, it’s a great idea, but if all you want is a one-page calling card, there are many free service providers who’ll create a one-pager for you. Alternatively,... Continue reading
Reblogged May 25, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
You’ve completed your novel. It’s so horrible that you’re ashamed. What on earth gave you the idea that you could write a novel, much less write bestselling fiction? Calm down. If you’ve got a mess, that’s AMAZING. It’s exactly what... Continue reading
Reblogged May 19, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
I’ve had several questions about descriptive passages when writing fiction, specifically about how you make your settings “come alive.” My advice is always to forget about writing long descriptions in your novel; focus primarily on your characters and plot. Readers... Continue reading
Reblogged May 18, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Over the past few weeks in Team Up, I’ve been working with several writers who want to make money online. They’re setting up blogs, and they were shocked when I pushed them to create a blogging income immediately. One student,... Continue reading
Reblogged May 15, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Write a novel with drama To write a novel which sells well, remember DRAMA while you write. Drama keeps readers reading. Many books which are dramatic are quiet books; they don’t feature billion dollar bank heists and explosions. Pride and... Continue reading
Reblogged May 14, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
You’re an author of fiction; new or aspiring. One of your biggest challenges is keeping your readers entertained. Does your reader read your entire novel? If he doesn’t, your payments for Pages Read in Kindle Unlimited will suffer — as... Continue reading
Reblogged May 12, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Write fiction readers LOVE Consumers today have endless indoor entertainment options. Aside from an endless choice of millions of books, they can watch movies anywhere, anytime. They can binge on Netflix for an entire weekend if they wish, or play... Continue reading
Reblogged May 8, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
You can write, and enjoy it, even on the days you least feel like writing The tips you find in this ebook will help. They come from a lifetime of writing. In my early years, I was at the mercy... Continue reading
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Are you a new author? Keep it simple and easy Ideas are everywhere; not every idea is a good idea for you. If I gave you ten minutes, I’m sure you could come up with ten ideas for books. They... Continue reading
Reblogged May 6, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
A “concept” is combo of an idea and a plan, and it’s short. A concept can be anything at all, and it can apply to almost anything at all. You have ideas all the time. The benefit of creating a... Continue reading
Reblogged May 4, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Let’s say that you’re not-so-happily working a day job. You’re also writing Kindle fiction on the side. You’ve written three novels, and you love writing fiction. Where do you see yourself in five years? Or perhaps you’ve quit your marketing... Continue reading
Reblogged May 1, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Want to defeat writer’s block? You can. Over the past month, our writers’ group has been working with a therapist and a group of experienced authors who suffered from severe blocks — they couldn’t write fiction at all. These simple... Continue reading
Reblogged Apr 29, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
I work with writers every day. A huge part of that work is separating a writer from his killer “musts” and “shoulds.” These faux strictures and rules stem from the writer’s inner critic, and they’re immensely harmful until the writer... Continue reading
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