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Angela Booth
I'm a professional copywriter, writing teacher, author and tech journalist.
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The strategies are easy. I use them, and teach them to my writing students. Once upon a time — and not too many years ago either — I was the Queen of Procrastination. I still have those tendencies. However, I’ve... Continue reading
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1. Create a main character in your book in two minutes I like Penny’s character-questioning process for fiction authors: Here’s an important tip: your character interview gives you your character’s back story. You’ll discover who your character is, and what... Continue reading
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Last year I received many beginners’ questions about self-publishing Kindle ebooks. I’ll tackle the questions this year. Today, let’s look at some of the basic myths around this simple process. You’re aware that many authors make an excellent living from... Continue reading
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Authors who have been self-publishing for years realize that today, self-publishing is mainstream. In 2015, The Passive Voice published several posts on indie authors quitting their day jobs; they were the most commented-on posts in the history of the blog.... Continue reading
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Book marketing to help indie authors sell more books in 2017 We’re all about the book sales, of course, but one of our group pointed out that while sales are lovely, we might get better results if we focused on... Continue reading
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That was last August. That’s still the process I’m following: Enroll new fiction under pen names in KDP Select for the first three months, then take them out and go wide with them (publish to several of the most popular... Continue reading
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Let’s look at some tips for adding drama to your fiction. Your readers will love it. 1. Give each of your primary characters a secret You’ve got secrets, haven’t you? Everyone has. Most of our secrets are trivial, but we... Continue reading
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Blogging is dangerous when you don’t have control From my post on Facebook, Sad: Medium collides with reality, nursing bruises: I love Medium. I love the way it works, I love the site and the typography, and I hugely admire... Continue reading
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Many authors find book marketing — and marketing in general — a challenge. So let’s try to overcome your fears and doubts, so you can sell more books. Today, social media is the easiest way for you to sell if... Continue reading
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Many writers buy into the “write slowly, less-work-means-better-work” myth, and it assuredly is a myth. Over the years, I’ve noticed that when my productivity was high I made more sales, and I produced some work that made me proud. During... Continue reading
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Productivity is doing: it’s more important to DO, rather than planning what you’ll do (or decorating your planner) I like this insight on Planning “just enough”: The key is to plan “just enough.” You don’t want to feel like you... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 5, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
1. Fix it, whatever it is: make it good You’ve just completed a project for a client. A message lands in your Inbox: “We’re disappointed, not what we were expecting.” Shock, horror… don’t panic, panic isn’t necessary. Usually, in this... Continue reading
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To write a novel, sit down and start writing This sounds too easy — it is really that simple? Yes, it is, I promise you. The only difference between you and the author who writes a book a year —... Continue reading
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One of the big events in 2016 was that Amazon started cracking down on scammers. Of course, this was long overdue. Writers’ message boards were full of writers horrified by the shenanigans of some of the scam-artists. Examples… Self-publishing’s challenges:... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 2, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
How viable is ebook self-publishing for writers who write for money? It’s extremely viable. The Kindle Effect in Fortune reports that “Ebook self-publishing has become a $1 billion industry”: So-called independent books increasingly land at the top of bestseller lists,... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 1, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
1. Failing to create a writing schedule and sticking with it Usually I do my writing as soon as I get up in the morning. I decided that it made more sense to get to work earlier, so the writing... Continue reading
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2. Set goals for every writing project, whether you’ve been hired to write, or whether the project is your own A couple of weeks back, a writer contacted me about her goals for her writing in 2017. I agreed to... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 31, 2016 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
During and after NaNoWriMo this year, I got lots of queries from freelancers who wanted to get started writing fiction. They worried that they could be “wasting time” if they devoted valuable writing time to fiction. Here’s my response: nothing... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 27, 2016 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Firstly, let’s talk about whether you can still make money writing nonfiction ebooks. The Amazon Kindle store is crowded. That said, some authors report that 2016 is their best year since 2010. Here are the tips I shared with my... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 25, 2016 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
1. Think of blogging as your writer’s notebook I’m a huge fan of Day One (for iOS, and the Mac, if you’re a Windows person, check out Journely, it’s open source, and free.) I’ve used Day One as my digital... Continue reading
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Bestselling author recently Marie Force recently conducted an indie publishing survey. In this blog post, Survey Indicates Indie Publishing is Pot of Gold for Some, Work in Progress for Many, Marie wrote up her findings, and reported on why authors... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 22, 2016 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Confused about book marketing? You’ve written a book, and tried to market it, without notable success. You’re blogging. You post to your social media accounts, and you’ve built up your Facebook author page, but sales are slow. The biggest mistake... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 18, 2016 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
The secret: give your freelance writing clients what they want It doesn’t matter what kind of freelance writing you’re doing, whether it’s client-focused — you’re blogging for companies, copywriting for clients, content writing for clients… Or whether you’re building a... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 17, 2016 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
For effective marketing, make a choice. Will you be spending time, or money? While “free” options like social media marketing are tempting, you’ll need to invest time for your marketing to be seen. Alternatively, you can save time, and spend... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 15, 2016 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Your brand has a personality. Think about your audience, and then think about how you serve them. What do you do for them? To get a handle on this, it’s useful to think about big company brands. Forbes has a... Continue reading
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