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Angela Booth
I'm a professional copywriter, writing teacher, author and tech journalist.
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Life means change, and if you self-publish your ebooks, you know that the self-publishing marketplace has changed. With four million ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle Store, and thousands of new ebooks published every month, that was bound to happen. Previously, you... Continue reading
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How to improve your writing skills FAST A weird problem gets you tied up in knots, and one new (or remembered) insight frees you. So let’s look at some ways to improve; one of these strategies may be just what... Continue reading
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You can make money writing Kindle fiction. You can even make money writing short stories — your fiction can be as long, or as short, as you choose. Firstly, a little history. Before the launch of Amazon’s Kindle and the... Continue reading
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Assuming that a fairy godmother isn’t about to smack you silly with her magic wand anytime soon, and turn you into an instant bestselling author, you need to understand book marketing essentials. If you’re not aware of the WHY of... Continue reading
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If you want to make money writing in 2016, you’re golden. Teenagers are making millions on YouTube and Instagram. As are novelists on Amazon. Hundreds of thousands of bloggers are making six figures… Why NOT you? I’ll tell you why.... Continue reading
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Who are the lessons for? Our first class, Write More, Write Well, is for all writers, whether you write fiction, nonfiction, blog… or write copy… Whatever. You’ll learn strategies to stop procrastinating, and write anything you choose. Maybe for the... Continue reading
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Want to make writing easier? Even if you love writing, writing can be a challenge. On bad days, the temptation is to write “tomorrow”. Before you know it, a week’s passed, and you haven’t written a word. We’re offering free... Continue reading
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Free writing classes, with free reference material We’ll work with the writing programs which we’re no longer selling. You’ll download them completely for free, and each week, in the ezine, and here, we’ll create some exercises to help you to... Continue reading
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You write fiction. You’re providing emotional experiences for your readers. If you do that well, your readers will find you and your fiction will sell. And sell. I’m fond of telling my students that writing a novel’s a lot like... Continue reading
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You write for money, of course. But who gets the money? All too often, it isn’t the writer – the writer tries for free. Write for money, and watch out for scammers… via Continue reading
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Here we are in 2016… yet another writing year. Let’s make it a good one. Before you get started on your writing this year, take a little time to prepare. You’ve got a limited amount of writing time each day.... Continue reading
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The BIG Secret to Writing and Publishing Short Stories… I love writing short stories. They’re FAST and fun to write, and to publish, of course. One of our students asked whether there was a secret to writing and self publishing... Continue reading
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Over the past week, I’ve received messages from writers who feel like failures. A couple wanted to do NaNoWrimo, but something came up. Several other writers started NaNoWrimo, and wrote steadily, but then stopped “just for today”. They didn’t start... Continue reading
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Since I won’t have much time for blogging until late January, I was feeling horribly guilty, not to mention frustrated. I love blogging, it’s always a joy. I made list of blog posts I could write, but I’ve been too... Continue reading
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I work with authors every day. They make avoidable errors. Once they correct those errors, their ebooks start selling well. Often not as well as they’d hoped, and for a simple reason: they haven’t baked-in sales potential. An author writes... Continue reading
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1. Do something — do anything, it all helps To sell more ebooks, you’ve got to ACT — see competition, below, in our fifth tip. We all have limited time however, so you need to choose what you’ll do, and... Continue reading
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I knew that Sophie had enrolled her novels in KDP Select, so I asked her how she was using her “free” days. That is, the five days which Amazon gives you in each three-month Select period, in which you can... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 4, 2015 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Now let’s look at some useful tips for writing and selling Kindle short stories. 1. WRITE! Choose genres which sell You can’t get paid for what you don’t write. As I mentioned above, experiment. No one knows what will work... Continue reading
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Writing jobs are everywhere: hunt them down The best writing jobs aren’t advertised. That’s always been the case. However, you can certainly get a membership at an outsourcing site like, and bid on projects. Becoming a member on an... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 27, 2015 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
I coach writers, so I read a lot of blurbs. I advise students to focus on people in their blurbs. Readers want to read about people, above all. If you doubt this, consider your favorite novels: In the Harry Potter... Continue reading
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Start by planning. Plan and plot, to boost your enthusiasm As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m not a great fan of outlines. I prefer organic outlining, as we discuss in Hot Plots. When you use ordinary outlines, you’ll try to... Continue reading
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First steps in promotion: please don’t skip them Before you begin promoting your ebooks, you need to prepare. Your ebooks must have: Appropriate cover images Appropriate titles “Selling” blurbs (descriptions) On our Just Write a Book Blog I’ve started a... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 20, 2015 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
This week I’ve been helping several ebook authors write their fiction’s blurbs. That is, their ebooks’ descriptions. I reminded them: “When you’re writing fiction, you’re writing about people. So your blurbs need to be about those people.” As Henry James... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 18, 2015 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
If you’ve just published your first ebook, write another one Work out how much an hour of your time is worth, then consider whether you can afford to spend an hour a week on a blog. You’ll find that your... Continue reading
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