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Angela Booth
I'm a professional copywriter, writing teacher, author and tech journalist.
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Freelance writing today offers unlimited opportunities If you have a flair for writing, and love it, you’ve got immense opportunities. You can work from anywhere, and choose your own hours. You can also choose with whom you’ll work. However, too... Continue reading
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1. Enjoy rest and recreation: fill your well Self-publishing authors find themselves on a treadmill. Amazon rewards new content, so for a month after you publish a book, your Amazon catalogue will enjoy a boost. Some authors set themselves huge... Continue reading
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Start with a throughline (fiction)/ or a one-sentence headline/ summary (nonfiction) In fiction writing, the “throughline” is the driving force, often called the “spine” of the book. In nonfiction, you need to create a simple headline, or summary — the... Continue reading
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1. Free form plotting: the day dreaming strategy Free form plotting is pantsing. From bestselling novelist Dean Koontz: I started hitting best-seller lists as soon as I stopped using outlines. With Strangers, I started with nothing more than a couple... Continue reading
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1. Use a dedicated journal, paper or digital I like to use a paper journal for each of my novels, but I’ve also used Evernote. If you’re using Evernote, create a dedicated notebook for each novel. Whatever you use, your... Continue reading
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Listen up. Characters sell. I read authors’ blurbs every day. Not only do I read my students’ blurbs, I’m also a member of several Facebook authors’ groups on which authors post their blurbs for novels which aren’t selling. Writing fiction:... Continue reading
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Self-publishing is hot: even new authors are making it big Self-publishing is hot, for newbie authors as well as experienced writers… as it was last year, and the year before that. Newbie authors are making it big. An author on... Continue reading
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Perhaps you’ve been told that to have a “proper” author blog, you need a self-hosted WordPress blog. Maybe you do, when self-publishing becomes a full-time business, but not when you’re just starting out. As we’ve said, with self-hosted WordPress, the... Continue reading
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Last year’s classes on plotting were fun. Amazingly all the pantsers discovered that yes indeed, they could plot, in a fun, minimalist kind of way. We discovered a fun new way of plotting: I call it the “open the door”... Continue reading
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In terms of writing, a process goal is something like: I will write for an hour a day; or I will write 1,000 words of salable material a day. These kinds of goals are under your control, mostly. Disasters happen;... Continue reading
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2. Be happy: accept I started the Follyjohn Gossip series of Regency romances on a whim, and I’m enjoying this series because it’s fun. At our group, we discussed all the plans we have for our writing, and how much... Continue reading
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Write a book that people want to read Recall that you’re not just writing a book, you’re writing a book that people will want to read. When I started my writing career, more years ago than I care to remember,... Continue reading
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So please DO NOT: Start your novel or short story with your character getting out of bed (unless there’s an earthquake, and that relates directly to the story question); Follow your main character through an average work day — unless... Continue reading
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Want to write to sell? WRITE! Writers write, and part of your writing should be for promotion. Some of the benefits: The more people who know you, the more will hire you; When people read your writing, they check out... Continue reading
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Writing fiction: keep writing, even when it isn’t working Keep writing. Sit at your desk, or on the sofa, or wherever you normally write, at the time you normally write. Writing is a habit. So is not-writing. Every single novel... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 25, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
For readers to care, your characters must care. Here are three tips which will help you to create wonderful fictional characters. 1. Create a character who will help to solve the story question Before you create any characters, know your... Continue reading
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Author marketing on Facebook: pay up So, what’s happening? The latest changes affect authors who are currently marketing on Facebook, and of course those who want to include Facebook in their marketing in 2018. One change which will be appreciated... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 20, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Done well, content both makes you visible, and helps you to sell Lack of visibility is the curse of freelancers and self-publishing authors — and of traditional authors too, of course. That said, you can BUY visibility with advertising. Unfortunately,... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 17, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
1. Build a fence around it: limits make you more creative Limits make you more creative, so set limits before you start writing your book. For example, you might decide that your book will be about baking sourdough bread, rather... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 15, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Dream big: set Wildly Improbable Goals (WIGs) My personal coaching students complete a ”goals” sheet before we begin working together. My own goal is to inspire them until their goals match their potential as writers. None of these writers (that’s... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 14, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
When you’re plotting it’s easy to become intrigued with a minor character, or a series of incidents. Glance at the template, and you’ll get back on track. If you’re an outliner, you can brainstorm from the template. You’ll know what... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 8, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Short story template # 2 Update: December 8, 2017 I write this post way back in 2014. It’s proved to be one of the most popular posts on the blog. So I thought it might be fun to give you... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 7, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
Quick freelance writing and self-publishing tips for holiday sales Perhaps you’re less organized. You’ve been too busy to think about the holidays. You haven’t sufficient commissions, nor have you published anything new recently. Don’t despair. It’s not too late. Let’s... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 4, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
So what’s on the horizon for 2018? The biggest challenge for self-publishing authors in 2018 is what they should do about Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Select program (KDP Select.) Amazon has over 70% of the ebook market. Other retailers are... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 1, 2017 at Angela Booth's Writing Blog
If you find it hard to market your writing or your books, you’re not alone. Here’s something to keep in mind, no matter what kind of marketing you do. There’s a huge amount of content everywhere — and it’s your... Continue reading
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