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Angela Ward
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Thanks for Tabletop (and you other sundry awesomeness) Wil! My family got Ticket to Ride from our Reddit board game secret Santa so we popped open a laptop and watched you explain the game to us. Oh, and Mental Floss is 1 of only 2 magazines I am willing to maintain a subscription to (Mother Jones is the other). They are great to stick in the bathroom for toilet reading.
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I am usually a lurker, but I had to log in and speak up to say how much I identified with the last bit you talked about in that interview. I am significantly more comfortable "networking" online than in real life, something I take a lot of flack for in my day job as a social worker (there's irony there, I know). It is comforting to consider how online social networking is evolving to a place where we can connect with people and achieve the same rubbing elbows effect that comes with in-person gatherings. Granted, it may take social workers a tad longer to get to that place than actors, but I am willing to ride out the wait. Thank you for bridging the gap between geek and mainstream!
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Jul 6, 2010