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Rob Angermuller
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When I think of advertising I don't think of business I think of utility. I think that the future of advertising is a place where the brand works from the bottom up to inflict positive change as a means to acquire placement in the market through consumer services. The media will become a tool or service to aid in bettering the consumer through offering them ways to participate in helping which ever community their brand specializes in. Instead of seeing the consumer as an army for the brand, the consumer or "participant" will have the brand as a means of social transportation. The brand will be more tangible and accessible... I sort of feel like its a roots ideal but also think of it as an anti-advertising train of thought. I think that brands will slowly be forced to take a roll as a "brother" more than a father or mother figure. A good example of this idea set in motion, is what's been happening with a brand interacting with new bands. Instead of doing the record label thing, the brand drops the money, produces the record and sponsors the artist. No BS print campaigns or broadcast crap.. just music and an artist doing something for the people under the flag of said brand. It gives the artist almost free reign to do what they want as the brand takes the back seat. Im probably rambling uncontrollably on caffeine high.. but thanks for the op to drop some k n o w ledge.
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Jan 29, 2010