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Angry Gazebo
Los Agneles, CA
Author. Actor. Geek.
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I think episodic releases would be a wonderful idea. It would help spread out the cost for those folks unwilling (or unable) to drop all that coin at once. Plus, being able to go to iTunes on my phone and download the new chapter while I'm out and about? Consider this idea filed as 'Crazy+Awesome'!
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That's some JJ Abrams-level Lens Flare going on next to you, Wil.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2009 on in which a proclamation is made at WWdN: In Exile
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Frome one geek Shane to another, I wish you success, and look forward to seeing it.
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Hey Wil, (figure there's a better chance of you seeing this her than on Twitter with your 500k followers) but The Secret of NIMH is now on Hulu if you're feeling nostalgic:
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("Well, guys," Nolan's friend said, "I guess we're going to Winterhaven.") Railroader! ;)
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Wil, I really wouldn't feel bad about not noticing some of those bonuses. I'm running a 4th ed campaign with a mix of D&D vets going back to 2nd ed, all the way up to someone who's never pen-and-papered before now. And all of us, I mean ALL of us have missed some bonus or another at some point. My party is level 8 now, and last week my Cleric and I realized we'd been failing to add his implement bonus on a power he's had since THIRD level. I felt really bad about that one. It's probably my only gripe about 4th ed so far, is that there are just so many potential bonuses to track. (That and Skill Challenges. Fie on you Skill Challenges!!) So I'm sure there's a lot of D&D vets in your place, Wil. Don't feel bad, really. You're still geek to us.
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Wil, in your 'Ways to just keep writing' you mention the importance of a good editor; but how do you find one? I have some friends who are lower-case w writers like me, but precisely because they're friends I don't know if they could be objective enough to not want to hurt my feelings. Do you (or any of you fine fellow Wheatonites) have any advice on how to get in touch with an editor?
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Recursive humor is the best humor.
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Wil, you have the best life.
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Holy crap Wil, you were incredible on the show tonight. You really did challenge yourself, and you look like you had a lot of fun with the kind of role an actor loves. Hope to see more of you on the tube in the near future
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