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Have you seen the fairly recent made-for-TV "Hamlet" with David Tennant as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as Claudius? Gives me chills. And unlike other versions I've seen, the director really thought about how to extend the imagery to be accessible through a TV camera, not just setting it as a stage show that happens to have cameras filming.
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Oh, and this is why I never wanted to take another English class once I got out of highschool. So I didn't. (For college, I went to an engineering school that lets you do your "humanities" work in whatever field you want - so I took 6 music classes!)
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I think I was catching on to this already in highschool. I mean, why else would Shakespeare be great with my parents and their friend's yearly Shakespeare's birthday party, but deadly boring in school? Why would other kids read the CliffNotes instead of enjoying the whole book? Oh, because there always has to be deep MEANING and SYMBOLISM. Blech. (To be fair, I had pretty good English teachers, but any time we had to look for deep meaning in a book, I was toast.) Honestly, a few friends of mine (and a friendly English teacher) started a book club in our senior year - using "textbook" paperbacks! They were much more fun to read on our own and then simply get together and discuss. And in a book club situation, you're free to say "I didn't like this book and so I didn't get past page 35." Then the response is "Oh, you missed this great scene on page 120 where..." rather than "Well, you're not going to pass this test if you can't tell me what happened on page 120."
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Brilliant! The more I hear about JoCoCruise (mostly from you, but also from 2 friends who went), the more I want to go next time! Alas, we are not ready to brave large-scale events with two very young children in tow. I know it will come in time... and your emotion-fluid gives me hope that someday my kids will want to do things that adults think are fun (ie. not just running around in circles until they fall down.)
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Mar 1, 2012