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Philadelphia, PA
I'm a woman who is a finder and holder of stories.
Interests: gardening, reading, playing, and dancing., finding and honoring stories, seeking out that of god in everyone i meet
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Pendle Hill has just released a new pamphlet in their series "Envisioning a Moral Economy" by Tom Head, a Quaker Economist. You might like it, and it might bring different insight/awareness into your perspective - the author call himself an economist, an analytical person, and a mystic.
All I know is when you get a lot of Quakers in a room talking about this difference, the energy can be pretty intense.
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Mar 15, 2010
For the past three years one of my goals has been to live where I don't need a car. This week, it finally dawned on me that my RA makes it really hard to enjoy driving. Your post made me laugh and it was great confirmation. Sorry you have the driving problems too though.