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Competing in a judo tournament wearing a hijab? Health and safety comes into this, apart from the stupidity of it. As for her hairy lip, I've noticed that facial hair seems to be quite common among Asian women but I have no idea why that is.
Thank you Robert and Pamela. Here in the UK our politicians and media seem to be terrified of upsetting Muslims. A friend works at a school where the student population is around 80% Muslim. A notice went up in the staffroom that whistle blowers would be sacked. There is a madrassa on the school premises and Muslim girls are being picked on for looking 'too Christian.' I wrote to the Labour Secretary for Education before the last election, but didn't get any kind of reply. I guess if he ignored the information I gave, he could pretend it didn't exist. There are truly shocking things going on in some of our state schools.
And no one has the courage to point out that, yet again, we can tell by the names that these men are Muslims.
So, telling the truth makes Pamela a "hate group leader."? Speaking out against a so-called religion that hangs gays, subjugates women and kills them in the name of honour makes Pamela the one who is to be silenced? I say so-called religion because Islam grew out of the worship of the moon God and others before Mohammed had had a go at creating such a religion. Mohammed and his merry men stormed across Africa and Europe and were only stopped at the Gates of Vienna. Islam is a culture of hate and violence; it started as such and has continued as such. And now God help the women of Egypt now that the Muslim Brotherhood candidate has been elected - or so we are led to believe.
Google "George Galloway and Saddam Hussein."
Interesting article in the Daily Telegraph, "Asian sex gang: young girls betrayed by our fear of racism." "Rochdale girls who were living in what is imaginatively known as “care” were recruited into sexual factory farming by Muslim men described as “pure evil” by detectives. The 59-year-old ringleader was banned from court for calling the judge a “racist bastard”. His barrister explained that his client “had objected from the start to being tried by an all-white jury. He believes his convictions have nothing to do with justice but result from the faith and race of the defendants.” In other words, a racist who treats poor white girls as sub-human seriously believes it is he who is the victim of racism, when he is called to account for organising the gang-rape of under-age females. To be fair, it takes 40 years of well-intentioned multiculturalism to achieve that kind of moral mess."
Dr Clifford has been very outspoken about Islam for a number of years now. He is one of the few people in the UK to try to get the truth about Islam out there and to do it in an intelligent and very caring and committed way. Everything he says is well researched and based on fact. I am pleased to say that I am on his mailing list and find his regular updates informative and often the only way I get info about some of the things happening in the UK. He is a great man.
I think he should be extradited to the US together with "Hookie," Hamza, the man who preached hatred and tried to incite violence outside the Finsbury Park mosque in London. The Finsbury Park area is well known as having a sizable population of Orthodox Jews and Hamza chose the area for his hate speeches knowing this, I'm sure. Finsbury Park is at quite some distance from the area where Hamza lived with his family, right next door to a government minister! So, a rather expensive area to be living in on state benefits!
There was something on BBC Radio 4 the other day about voter fraud in Muslim areas. It arises mainly with postal votes. Someone who did doorstep visits said that at one house, where they did postal votes, the man who answered said there were 28 people living at the house and they all voted the same way as he did.
This is the man who spent just 12 weeks in a UK prison after being involved in a fatal road traffic accident when he was sending and receiving text messages. Yet he's still a peer of the realm!
You are right, Heltau. Here in the UK, people are afraid to speak out. We have schools that have mostly Muslim children, where there are many families with 2 children in the same school year, their birthdays being only 9/10 months apart. We have schools where Muslim girls are bullied for looking "too Christian," and nobody does anything about it. In the UK, Islamophobia = an irrational fear of upsetting Muslims! I had death threats for taking in a young Muslim girl who had been very badly beaten by her parents. The Muslim family threatened to burn my house down if I did not send the young woman back home. It's going to get a lot worse here if our leaders don't take action.
Yes, that's what some areas of Birmingham UK are like. It's the same in areas of Leicester uk, where there is an area that is definitely no-go for women on their own at night. If driving through, you have to make sure your car doors are locked. A woman I know had a male try to climb into her car at traffic lights. Walking into the Highfields area of Leicester, you feel like you've crossed an invisible border into Pakistan: there are little girls who look about 5 years old, totally covered from head to foot, with only their eyes showing. A few years ago, two rival groups, one Pakistani, one Somali, chased a young girl into a school. They rampaged through the corridors and teachers locked classrooms and stood outside the doors to protect the students. The police were a long time coming. There is a secondary school in Leicester that has a Madrassa on the premises and a notice in the staffroom that says whistleblowers will be sacked. I wrote to the Education Minister about this and did not receive a reply! Things are pretty bad in some places.
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Apr 6, 2012