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Annastasia Webster
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Oh I am so super happy!! You are finally going to be at a Con near me!! :D I was already excited to go to GenCon when I found out Felicia Day is going to be there but now I'm just giddy! Looking forward to getting your autograph!
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I was just talking to a new friend the other day who's actually met you (I live on the East Coast so it's hard). Anyway, he said that he was totally impressed with how you treated your fans - which makes me want to meet you even more now. I read all your posts last year about your awesome Rock Band panel and talked to some of my geek buds about it and we'd like to do something similar at our local con. I know it won't be as cool without you there, but could you point me in the direction of some how-tos for making this successful? Yours in geekiness!
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May 26, 2010