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OK, I usually never comment on blogs of people I don't know personally, because I think, "What do they care?" However, this time... I feel the need to congratulate you, Wil, and Felicia Day on this marvelous format! Watching other people play boardgames may potentially be as boring as watching them brush their teeth. But you and your team are doing an amazing job! The Munchkin ep was the first Tabletop episode I saw, which obviously led to watching all the other ones right after, which led to searching the games online and adding them to my various wishlists, which led to telling the manfriend that we have to go get games and play... I particularly liked your little shoutout to Germany in the Ticket to Ride ep. As it were, I am German, and I indeed have played it a few times back then, and loved it. This "game of the year" award really is a high honor for games and an indicator for high quality. It still strikes me: How amazing is it that I can enjoy beautiful things like this show from 6,000 miles away! Keep 'em coming, you're doing a fantastic job! ~ Ann
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Jun 7, 2012