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Oh I saw that part at the beginning of the game. KG was pointing to him and waving to him and all of that. It was very cool! There was also a Celtics fan behind me and he was super loud too. I think he's Paul Pierce fan because he was only cheering for PP (I was cheering for everyone so in the first half they thought I was rooting for Brandon Bass--a Warriors fan in front me asked me why I was so interested in Brandon Bass.. It was weird as I don't really remember how the last shot happened until I watched the recap. I was just too nervous at that stage I guess. KG was shooting extraordinarily well throughout the game including the warmup. He missed only one shot and one 3 point as I was watching very closely for his shootout and counted every basket he was making. Ray, on the other hand, was super cold. He was missing all the shots in the warmup and that truly surprised me. I went to the car park and got to see KG too and he waved to me to acknowledge my support. Super super exciting. I have a banner that I made with the record and on the back I collected a lot of the support from China. It took me forever to finish but I have no regret holding it up all night--all my Chinese friends are very appreciative and excited as if they had seen the game!
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I was at the game too! Got a great seat and KG happened to see my big banner with his upcoming historical numbers. He actually stared at it for a while and then played super well in the second half when he was facing my seat. I was so deeply touched by him as he responded to all the fans' support in such a positive way. It was a great game entertainment-wise--I had a lot of fun at the Oracle arena. Apparently all the Warriors fans surrounding me thought I was over-reacting to the Celtics win and I was literally screaming "Let's go Celtics" in every possession in the second half. I love how upset the Warriors fans were (Sorry to all the Warriors fans--Warriors is my second favorite team behind Celtics..) when they witnessed how clutch and influential KG could be. It was a ugly game though skill-wise. We had no inner presence at all and the Warriors players were dunking on us and destroying the basket. Defense was terrible too. Surprised how tight the game was considering no Stephon Curry or Monta Ellis was playing for Warriors. It could have been a lot worse.
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We are so out of luck this year. Best wishes for Wilcox first--hope nothing terrible comes up in the following tests. This is the worst news I have heard in this season--it is even worse than Jeff Green suffering from aortic aneurysm. It is simply because we've already shown we are thin in the paint and losing Wilcox makes the situation a lot worse. I simply can't afford to see playing Steamer and JJJ in the paint in the playoff...
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Mar 11, 2012