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This completely misses the point in multiple ways. Teaching everyone to code does not mean that everybody becomes an expert. It means that everyone is introduced to coding at a young age so more kids can become masters earlier if they want to (especially women and minorities who don't get exposed to it as much). It means that people who interact with technology every day (the vast majority of us) can understand a little more of what we're dealing with and be able to control more of how we want things to work (making up scripts and the like). It means being able to do coding projects for your job which will gradually take over most professions. If you think plumbers won't need any programming skills? You've lost your mind. Eventually toilets, pipes and the like will all be controlled by computers and code that will solve most plumbing issues. The earlier more people learn to code, the better they can be later down the line as more and more computer knowledge becomes necessary for the world. When people say, learn to code they ARE talking about solving problems with coding. Also your implication that to get a job in programming you need to be an expert ie 10,000 hours is completely basis. That takes 5-10 YEARS! Most people don't get programming jobs or any job in their field that requires that much experience or else that'd be a whole lot of interns working for 5-10 years to get that experience. Ironically that supports people learning to code young so they can get those 10,000 hours of experience and get a great job out of high school/college.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2012 on Please Don't Learn to Code at Coding Horror
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May 16, 2012