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Antal Schleich
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First, I have to say I love the drawings. They are just to cute. Second, I would like to mention "Girl abd Boy Scouts." When I was a kid, any extra curricular activity required us kids to sell stuff door to door. We did it for all the sports we played. like selling raffle tickets and candy bars. But kids are not allowed to do that any more. Girl Scouts have to set up tables at the grocery store to sell their cookies. This might be a good thing because I hated selling lousey tasting candy bars door-to-door. But I think we have sheltered our children to much from society and kids are loosing their social skills. I'm worried about them because when they get to highschool and have to deal with all the expected social issues like bullies and peer pressure, will they be prepared? Will they be able to go to a teacher when they are having problems or will they be to shy?
MaMi, I think you brought up the most valuable point. I was in line at the store the other day and there was a mother with her 2 sons in front of me. The boys were making some funny jokes about the pictures of celebrities on the front of magazines. I chirpped in with a real zinger about Oprah and the boys got all scared and gave me that blank stare that you refered to. They proceded to hide in front of their mother's cart. These kids were at least 12 years old. They were almost in highscool. Is this the youth of America? The horriblely shy generation.
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Jan 21, 2012