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Cops have been hanging outside of bars trying to catch DUIs for decades. This is nothing new. When I went to UC Irvine, I sometimes found myself at the Newport Beach Sharkeez bar. More often than not, Newport Beach PD would literally park two or three units right next to the bar, waiting for someone who appeared to be intoxicated getting behind the wheel. I agree with the bar owner. He's no one's father, and not responsible for his patron's activities outside the bar. Seeing how everyone is 21 years or older, you'd THINK they'd be responsible enough to avoid a DUI. It also points out that Huntington Beach PD aggressively combats DUIs, which is a good thing. I think this chief is trying to make a mountain out of an anthill.
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When I went to UC Irvine, most of the campus squabbling was between the Muslims and the Jewish student groups. Now, a member of the black student union is filing a complaint because of an arbitrary menu choice? My personal opinion, these student groups which are supposed to foster understanding and cooperation between students of different backgrounds (excite white anglo-saxons, for which there is no student group) do nothing but highlight the differences between the students and are, unfortunately, more trouble than they are worth.
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Ron- you have obviously never been entrusted with or properly trained in the use of a firearm. Anyone who has will tell you there's no such thing as "shoot to disable". If you're going to pull the trigger, the presumption is that it is a last resort, and deadly force is necessary. The fact of the matter is that none of us were there, and will never know the true extent of the confrontation. If the officer's accounts are true, and I will go out on a limb and say that they are, then the suspect in this instance has no one but himself to blame. I doubt anyone would doubt physically assaulting two officers and trying to take their guns is a quick way to get shot.
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"And Meg Witman wanted to take this Officer's retirement away. " And Kamala Harris, potentially our new attorney general, is against the death penalty, even for cop killers. The point? You can use this tragedy, the loss of a fine young man, veteran and public servant to highlight political opinion across the spectrum. Doesn't mean you have to do it. Shame on you. From another combat vet, I thank you officer Bonaminio. Your sacrifices will be remembered.
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Nice to know South Central is still a sewer.
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I'm not surprised. Tito's reputation as a hot-head who likes to pick fights long precedes his career as an MMA fighter.
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Apr 6, 2010